Thursday, 17 December 2009


Preparing for INTI Info Day

Eric and I were helping in the college for preparing the INTI Info Day that will be held on 19 December. In fact, I can see that INTI is doing improvement in the college. INTI is part of the Laureate now.

Personally, I think that the college is going to focus on Hospitality since they are going to launch a new course in INTI Sabah which is the Diploma in Culinary Arts. The course takes 2 ½ years to complete and the things they learn includes baking! Well, I think it is an interesting course.

New brochures arrived, Eric and I was trying to complete all the works by putting the subject’s price list in all the booklets. Some discussions as well with our INTIMA advisors, and I have a long talk with Miss Vanessa. In the end, rehearsal with all the Principal, Head of Programmes, and Staffs for the launching session.

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