Sunday, 30 November 2008

Simple Rest time

A very tiring day today..
Work and clean my house for the whole day and manage to have a little walk and dinner in One Borneo.

Wagamama in One Borneo SO EXPENSIVE!
Hmm.. A set of Chirashi set cost for RM30+ and I think I will never have my second time in that restaurant because can't really afford it.

After that we head to Daiso.
A japanese superstore that sells everything in RM5.
I bought myself a hanger that I wanna pimp my cupboard and lastly I saw something that gave me an idea of making a bird house for my mum but I didn't buy the parts and I regret.. I think I will go back again and buy it!

Picture Below: Christmas Decoration of One BorneoPicture Below: Christmas TreePicture Below: Beef SobaPicture Below: Closer look of Raw BeefPicture Below: My Favourite is Ice Cream! (tiring eyes)

Friday, 28 November 2008

Historical Sites in Sabah

One whole day of watching people work in my house and I fell asleep in my room for.. 30 mins? Yeap.. The worker told me that I'm gone for 30 minutes means that I slept for 30minutes. Lol.

Dedicated to Nath
Hey you out there for photo hunting! haha.

Both of this places didn't kena boom during WWII and here's some pictures of Sabah Tourism Board KK and Atkinson Clock Tower. Enjoy and get some real pictures there! haha

Picture Below: Sabah Tourism Board

Picture Below: Atkinson Clock Tower

The Tower stands prominently on the bluff along Signal Hill Road. Mary Edith Atkinson build the Tower in 1905 in memory of her son, Francis George Atkinson the popular first District Officer of Kota Kinabalu. It was formerly used as a navigation aid for ships until it was overshadowed by taller buildings. Today, this memorial has the distinction of being the oldest standing structure in the whole of Sabah that survived the air raids and blitz of World War II.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Inti Funtastic Day Part1

I heard Jenette say that Twilight is a nice movie!
I had a task to do as appointed by one of my friend.
Actually I didn't know well about this guy but I still help.
Anyways, I really don't mind helping people but once you need help, you have to treat people with a right attitute because I am helping you with all my strength and heart.

I'm not saying about my friend but his friend.
Yes, I'm not your servant nor maid and the kids too.

They are just kids and they are naughty as well because they are not grown up. Of course they have their tiny little world inside themselves. So please be understanding of these kids as they are still kids and please be polite in every words you speak out from your dirty little mouth.

You ask them to throw the rubbish or carry anything but did you ever think that do they have the strength to carry all those heavy things? Here I ask you then, when you ask them to do anything, did you do it too? I guess you are the second car which left the destination and we are the last one.

The kids are under my control as I am guarding and leading them. Don't you have enough friends to help you out?

The course or the event is belonged to you all Hotel Management student and we help it out. We can choose not to help you out but we didn't and we did our best and till the last to done. You know why we help until the end? Because we kept our promises and we will never break it.

If we didn't help, will you finish it all that early?
Hmm.. Don't care about it now as it has already the past.
I'm gonna show how is the Ghost House look like!
With CY's idea and help of all the kids.. Only then we can finish it all.

Picture Below: The Ghost HousePicture Below: Another View of the Ghost HousePicture Below: the Naughty Kids. LolPicture Below: The CoffinPicture Below: The place where I scares peoplePicture Below: Effect of the Ghost move by itself because aircondPicture Below: The DoorPicture Below: One of the Mask

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Checking on

It's a great day today..
Aldrich brought me for breakfast in Foo Phing and accompany him to have a hair cut and lastly we went to One Borneo.

Foo Phing is a place where we can eat great Dim Sum but I guess it's getting worst nowadays. As what's in to my mought this morning, the taste that I long for, had gone. I rather go to the other place I guess? No offence la.. No good food, no need to continue eat liao. Haha.

Reach One Borneo, they started on the decorations.
Started just today. Setting the castle like Disneyland, preparing the Santa Chairs where little kids can make their wishes, Large Christmas tree are all around!

Guess this is the first time ever Sabah had this kind of preparation and it's a good one. Keep it up!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sleepy day

I just don't know why I getting lazy for this few days?
I guess not right?
Perhaps boring life just started.
No school.. but Aldrich back!
So guess I'm not boring right?
What am I talking about.... I think I'm getting crazy.


Ok here's this.
Once I had my lunch, I was sitting on the chair doing nothing. Yes I brought my laptop but I didn't switch it on. So I guess I just wasted my energy to carry my big and heavy laptop.

And guess what? I sleep for.. I think two hours in the shop?
I'm not sure but I did sleep.
Wow but then at night, wish that Aldrich would come and meet me up but he's exhausted. Helping in the church and the kids camp and so on.

So, just let him had a good night sleep.

But on that night, yes.. before sleep. I mean, dinner time we are invited to have a full moon dinner and it was actually the Uncle's birthday too! So now to forget about it now!

Monday, 24 November 2008

He's back

Aldrich came back all the way from Miri.
8 hours drive from there
Accompany his family is the first and a must.
Then I ask him to come by over tomorrow but then he insist to meet me up tonight and he really did.

But then.. I thought he will buy Burger King for me first and once I saw his and the burger I will.... *_*!!!
Unluckily.. he didn't.
He did bought me some drinks from Miri and a candy bar.

So we spend times together after all these few months that we didn't meet.. really miss him lots.

Friday, 21 November 2008

KL Trip in November Part12

Wow.. I was so so tired. Exhausted.
This is because I was busy in helping one of my friend in Hotel Management with the Bazaar that happened in the school. I will update it soon okay?! Wait for it~!
So to continue the trip in KL..
I travel to Seremban for a night
Here I will show to you that what I had for dinner in Seremban! Yes the best restaurant in it's Seafoods! Fresh and Yummy!
Picture Below: Reached Seremban

Picture Below: Famous in it's Seofood. Restaurant Sin Yit SingPicture Below: The Crabs SaucePicture Below: Mee Hoon Soup with duck?Picture Below: PorkPicture Below: Vegetables. I love this!Picture Below: Another kind of soup. NICE ONE!Picture Below: Table Full!Picture Below: Crabs!! LOVE IT!Picture Below: Considered Vege?Picture Below: One of the Seafood. (Don't know what it call)

So after dinner, Brother Tang drove us around Seremban and he decided to buy Siew Pow for us
Picture Below: The sign board of Seremban Siew Pow VillagePicture Below: The EntrancePicture Below: Fat CrabPicture Below: Different kinds of biscuit!Picture Below: Siew Pow (Shao Pao) - Hot Bun?Picture Below: Pineapple Tart!Picture Below: Gula Madu - Honey candyPicture Below: Antiques are sell here as well

Thursday, 20 November 2008

KL Trip in November Part11

Mid Valley is a nice and very nice place to shop and eat.

For me.. lol.

My mum loves Mid Valley so much until I can actually memorise every place in it but not The Gardens. Gardens are too new for me to memorise. If Mid Valley, when you say you are in XXXX shop or restaurant, sure I can find you! Hhahahha.

Picture Below: The way to The GardensPicture Below: The Gardens escalatorPicture Below: Yoo! (Nice porridge here!)Picture Below: Corner (Random take) We had our lunch at The Gardens where both of my guy friends, DJ Yat and Siah introduce us to go to the Japanese restaurant in there rather than having in Sushi King.
This Japanese restaurant named.. I don't remember! but it's on the top floor~ We had a great time there and the dishes are delicious! For real!
Picture Below: Long time didn't meet and eat!Picture Below: Chirashi SetPicture Below: Unagi SetPicture Below: Chasoba cold setPicture Below: ERm.. Chicken setPicture Below: Erm... Cold set?.
Yeah.. This time we had our dinner in 龙的传人. It's located near to the Cititel Hotel in North Court or South course I don't remember.. lol.
Picture Below: The ChefsPicture Below: Brinjal (Spicy one) NICE!Picture Below: Little Nephews dish, Steam ricePicture Below: Vegetables. NICE!Picture Below: Xiao Loong Bao. NOT THAT NICE!Picture Below: Mine. Spicy and sour pan mee. NOT NICEPicture Below: Taufu. OKOKPicture Below: Sister's dish. Plain Pan MeePicture Below: Sister's Dish. Tom yam??Picture Below: Don't remember.... sorry. hehehePicture Below: Dad's. Erm.. healthy rice?Picture Below: The Chopstick. EAT~!