Friday, 21 November 2008


KL Trip in November Part12

Wow.. I was so so tired. Exhausted.
This is because I was busy in helping one of my friend in Hotel Management with the Bazaar that happened in the school. I will update it soon okay?! Wait for it~!
So to continue the trip in KL..
I travel to Seremban for a night
Here I will show to you that what I had for dinner in Seremban! Yes the best restaurant in it's Seafoods! Fresh and Yummy!
Picture Below: Reached Seremban

Picture Below: Famous in it's Seofood. Restaurant Sin Yit SingPicture Below: The Crabs SaucePicture Below: Mee Hoon Soup with duck?Picture Below: PorkPicture Below: Vegetables. I love this!Picture Below: Another kind of soup. NICE ONE!Picture Below: Table Full!Picture Below: Crabs!! LOVE IT!Picture Below: Considered Vege?Picture Below: One of the Seafood. (Don't know what it call)

So after dinner, Brother Tang drove us around Seremban and he decided to buy Siew Pow for us
Picture Below: The sign board of Seremban Siew Pow VillagePicture Below: The EntrancePicture Below: Fat CrabPicture Below: Different kinds of biscuit!Picture Below: Siew Pow (Shao Pao) - Hot Bun?Picture Below: Pineapple Tart!Picture Below: Gula Madu - Honey candyPicture Below: Antiques are sell here as well
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