Monday, 20 December 2010

Getting towards the end of December

Hello everybody.
I know it’s been a while that I blogged.
Well, I’m gonna update you guys for what had happened this few months. Yes I know, its months.

Now the stories go.

What am I doing now?
Well, I’m having a short holiday now. Staying at home and thinking what to do to earn some cash rather than just staying at home doing nothing. I’m sorting out my stuffs and plans for some small stuffs. So you’ll be seeing me updating my blog! =D

My Education Journey?
I have graduated my Diploma in Tourism Management from INTI College Sabah in mid August and I had my graduation ceremony at INTI International University in Nilai Kuala Lumpur last month, November. It’s exactly a week holiday for me to go Kuala Lumpur and I met most of my friends back in Tunku Abdul Rahman College, relatives and my lovely housemates as well. Shopping is the all time favourite interest in Kuala Lumpur. Now, I continue my studies in Pine Academy. Hope everything will be fine there. Although Pine Academy is not as big as you think but the people there are friendly. Lots of laughers around.

After Beauty Pageant Journey?
I have attended and participated in few events to make my titles useful.
1. Model for Snips
2. Ambassador for Tropical Holidays Paradise Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd.
3. Project AWARE 2010 at Mamutik Island
4. Fashion Shots for Zheng Boutique
5. 2010 Kids Singing Competition and Charity Night by Hotel Students of INTI College Sabah
6. INTI Tourism Pageant 2010 by Tourism Students of INTI College Sabah
7. Fashion Show for Pine Academy Prom Night
8. Inspiration Alan Saloon & Academy Runway in Miss Borneo Beautiful Sabah 2010
9. JCI Intan White Ribbon Day Awareness Campaign
10. RTM News Reading
11. Girl Guilds End of Year Party 17.12.2010
12. To be continue
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For now, photoshoots are going on. I hope it will be great!

My Love Life?
Hmm... This is a hard one. For now, I wanted to focus in the things that lead me to my future. It’s too complicated now because I don’t know. It have been started since 2008 that I have less interest with Aldrich for his behaviour and he did not improve himself for such a long long time as what a boyfriend should do. Maybe what I have on my mind is different now or maybe I have too many things going on. So just keep it cool. Moreover, there’s this guy ‘N’ appeared which is just a dream but I chose to love him silently and just wait for the future to come. One said, “If he’s yours, he will be yours”. Hope you love it and now, we stop and all the best to you. I’m thinking to create another blog regarding this. Just thinking.

For now, this is the end.
I will update more individual updates!
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