Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Weston Wetland Sanctuary

Hello everybody!
It's such a great opportunity to write in again!

Now let's go to the main point. Welcome to Weston Wetland Sanctuary!

Going there, we need an approximate of 2 hours 30 minutes to reach. Passing by few places from the city which there are Putatan, Papar, Beaufort, and so on. Weston Wetland Sanctuary is located further more of Beaufort and near to Sipitang.

By that time, we departed from Putatan at 1pm straight and reached Beaufort. Due to the case of raining cats and dogs, the guide was worried about us getting wet and cold once reach Weston Wetland Sanctuary. Some more, he said "As the boat is moving, the wind blows." So, we stop at Beaufort for a while just to buy raincoat. Thumbs up for the service of the guide.

Picture Below: Town Centre of Beaufort

Picture Below: Pass by the Beaufort Bridge and saw the Padas River.

Finally we have reached Weston Wetland Sanctuary and the rain is getting smaller. First, we will be having our short walk into the village by walking on the timber path ways. Then, we will be visiting one of the houses in the village and entertained by the villagers by serving their local cakes (kuih muih), tea and coffee. From there, everybody are able to learn the culture and the lifestyle of the locals.

As the time pass by, it's time for us to continue our journey! First, we will take a short walk to go further into the village and take a look at the scenery. It is beautiful, calm, and mysterious as you can see from the pictures below.

After that, all of us went in to the boat and sat properly with safety jackets. We came across with the Birds, Proboscis Monkeys (they are huge) and Silver Langur! There are a lot of them swanging and jumping around. Plus, we are able to spot the young Proboscis! Some might just sit there without moving and some are 'dating' the other Proboscis. Definitely you are able to take a lot of beautiful pictures along the journey. Other than that, there are cows and crocodiles!

Picture Below: Can you see two faces on the sky? It's like kissing

As the journey continues, we saw the sunset and it is beautiful. When it is going to dark, we are able to taste the foods that have been prepared. It is delicious and fresh.

In the end, there will be suprises! Want to know what is that?

Explore it yourself!

Hint: Stars

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