Sunday, 30 August 2009


It’s Baby Rats! (Look like baby dogs)

Look at the pictures clearly okay? Nothing special actually but I want to share with you all. Haha.

Few days back, my cousin brother took a box out from his shop. Then, God mother told me that there are rats in the box. I was so excited because I never see baby rats but I’d seen baby rabbit! But I tell you, baby rats really look like baby dogs! I am not going to say it looks like hamsters because hamsters do not have a long tail. But dogs have. >.<

Picture Below: Their own personal pictures!

I asked my cousin brother that I wanted to see then he holds the box near to me but I am so afraid that the rats might spread poisons. So, I keep ask him to stand few inches away from me then I told him I can zoom in and snap the baby rats. We burst to laugh! LOL! I told him to stand still hold still, no not move! But the baby rats keep on moving and one of them thought the other baby was their mother. It keeps on smell and wanted to drink mama milk. It’s really cute.

Anyway, will the baby rats spread poisons??
Can anybody tell me? I really have no idea.

My cousin brother uses another box and pushes all of them in to the big box.
I asked him is he going to keep it as a pet but he say “No lah!”
So I’ve been thinking why not? Then I know why in few seconds time.
It’s a rat! Not hamster! Nearly I was going to forget that they are rats.

Picture Below: One of the baby thought the other one is the mother.
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