Friday, 24 April 2009


Bella Italia, Jesselton Hotel

Good..... evening everyone!
Tonight, let me introduce

When Chloe become MC huh?

Now, I have been to this restaurant for two times.
The first time, I am with Aldrich and we couldn't think of anything and where else to eat. As, we walk along the city street, we saw this and we had a satisfied dinner with 50% off on pastas and pizzas.

To see the pictures that I took while I'm with Aldrich that time, kindly click here.

Anyway, here's another story of that.
This is the second time that I had my dinner in Bella Italia. Mum and Dad was in KL, meatball and her boyfriend brought me there.

It is a nice restaurant that located in the Jesselton Hotel. With different kinds of decoration in each and every rooms. You will love it when you get there for sure.
Picture Below: The restaurant's environmentPicture Below: This is beautiful?Picture Below: English LampsPicture Below: Table Folk and KnifePicture Below: BruchettaPicture Below: Pasta with BrinjalPicture Below: Pizza with Pepperoni and Olives
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