Tuesday, 14 August 2012

From London to Paris by EUROSTAR

Leaving home for Europe was a big decision to make. Plus, when we are on a trip, money is always the first issue and the second will be time. Or, maybe it’s the other way round. Well, depends.

So, as I am traveling all the way from Sabah, North Borneo, Malaysia to Europe, money will be the first issue due to the conversion; the exchange rates are crazy. To travel that far from home, most of us will think of the best way to travel, which is valuable.

There are few of my friends who have suggested EUROSTAR for me. It’s is the most convenient way to travel around Europe. But it’s not everywhere in Europe; just certain location such as to or from London, Paris, Brussels, etc.

I always love to enjoy sceneries and I found out this is the best way to travel too. Since we are traveling by train, I am able to see what’s outside. If I am boarding on a plane, I might not have the same experience as what I’m going to get on the train. It’s actually the fastest way to reach Paris. By the way, I am actually departed from London. Approximate 2 hours to reach my destination – Paris.

On that night, I stayed at a budget hotel (will feature this in my next post) nearby to St. Pancras, King Cross, so I can walk to the train station within 6 minutes. The problem is you will need to pull your luggage all the way from your hotel. No worries, it’s not a shame thing to do because everybody did that. Yes, you may not see that often in Malaysia but you just need to blend in. ;)

There are few things that make me comfortable by traveling with train:
1. Comfortable sitting arrangement
2. Luggage area prepared
3. No worries of transportation on ground; Arriving in the airport (expensive and time consuming)
4. Great sceneries

The only thing which I’m uncomfortable was the pressure. The train was moving too fast until I need to pop my ears constantly. Also, you might encounter with guests who will make lots of noise.

Well, I hope for those who read this, good luck on your journey!

Chloe Tiffany Lee

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Baskin Robbins Malaysia give out ice cream for FREE!

In view of the valiant efforts of our Olympian heroes, join in this Nationwide Celebration as Baskin Robbins gives out free Ice Cream on 8 August 2012 (Wednesday), 8pm to 10pm; All Baskin-Robbins Outlet *excluding two kiosks at Pantai Hospital Bangsar and Genting Theme Park.

There are tons of Sabahans were supporting Dato' Lee Chong Wei during his finals in London 2012. We love him as he fought for our country. Well, this advertisement stated "...make us Proud to be Malaysian". I have no choice but to say this. I do believe that Baskin Robbins do know that there are no Baskin-Robbins kiosks in Sabah but only sell in pint in several supermarkets. So? :-] 

In the previous announcement, please don't say available in the whole Malaysia if you are not.

This ads also makes me think, what do you mean by "make us Proud to be Malaysian"? Aren't we not?

If you do wanna make us all Malaysians to be happy, please be fair.

Well, I hope those will queue for the glory, not for the ice cream. :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

LIVE support for Dato' Lee Chong Wei

Happens in my personal Facebook. Haha! Enjoy.

Support #LeeChongWei in #badminton #London2012 #olympic now!!! 20 minutes more! http://instagr.am/p/N8fIqDlp1F/

Photo taken at Trafalgar Square, London.

Most of us are supporting Lee Chong Wei right? Malaysia, win please! Good luck and all the best!

Don't fall for his trick! Come on Lee Chong Wei! We can see it, you can see it too!

1 more points and Malaysia Lee Chong Wei will win the first round! Come onnn! Don't waste golden moment!!!

15-11 now. It's time to catch all points Lee Chong Wei. It's the best time now!!! Malaysia!!!

Lin Dan is playing angry ball. Lee Chong Wei, stay cool and steady! Have faith! Jia you jia you!

马来西亚!!! Don't tired please! Lee Chong Wei, stay strong! Focus focus!

Third round... Lee Chong Wei, do your best and make badminton history please! For Malaysia! Good luck. This is your last chance!

Lee Chong Wei! Don't fall for his trick again! Lin Dan keeps using the same trick. Use your trick! Come on Malaysia!!! 马来西亚!!!Foreigners counting on you too. Show your power!!!

18-16 One more point Lee Chong Wei! Ada Harapan! Stay strong and focus!!!

My heart is beating so so fast! Come on! 2 more points and Malaysia will make history!

Malaysia won silver medal. Lee Chong Wei kneel on the floor and cried. But it's a good game and he did his best. We are proud of you Dato! Great game!

Let me tell you how Lin Dan is if the announcer are afraid to say it. He is an angry bird! Full of tricks in the badminton world. Hahahahahah just kidding. ;)

Happy to see Malaysia flag on the TV! Thank you Lee Chong Wei! You are always our number one!

You united a nation no matter what race religion colour or gender everyone was right behind you. That's more than winning. Dato' Lee Chong Wei, hero of Malaysia in the badminton world! Support you no matter how.

Proud to see Malaysia flag high up. Without him, this moment wouldn't be at sight. Thank you Dato' Lee Chong Wei! Now let's pray for cycling. :D