Monday, 30 November 2009

December, coming.

Well, it's going to be December in any minute later.

This late afternoon, when I was sitting in daddy's car waiting to reach home, many comes into my mind. About tomorrow's Mural drawing, my 21st birthday to come, Aldrich coming back, and days to come. Yes, it rains today for the whole afternoon until now I can still listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.

Once December comes, it’s going to be 6 days to my birthday. Yet, I’m still have no idea of what to do on my birthday.
I never really celebrate my birthday except for the three years when I’m in Tar College Kuala Lumpur. Celebrated with my classmates D-Rex Group in the first year in Tar College and for the last birthday in KL they bought me three soft toys which I love it so so much and it is quite hard to bring it back from KL to KK because it comes with three different sizes. Of course, my lovely housemates celebrated with me together with Erin’s because she is on the 7th December. I do remember the last birthday in my last year in Kuala Lumpur. My housemate gave me a surprise but something bad had happen that day right before 4 to 5 hours to my big day and I couldn’t help it at all. Well, that time I must smile through my birthday ends.
Thanks sweets!

Well, few hours ago when I’m in the car. Lots of things are spinning round. In my thoughts. Yes.
And I just don’t know how say it out because it’s too much. Probably the position that I'm holding right now? Or money is the issue lately? Just couldn't find out which one. That's why I still have that 'silence' with me. Always.

Anyway, just for your information.
I just updated the November post. 1st and 2nd November. So, check it out.
Will update the rest tomorrow because the line is down and it’s quite difficult for me to upload the pictures.

Good night!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Secret Recipe before New Moon

Heading to the cinema and wish to watch 2012 but then the time is just not right. When I reach the cinema, the staffs were saying that only 6pm have seats. Then, my friends and I decided to watch New Moon since it is showing in Hall 8. The new theater cinema which is huge and comfortable!

Guess I just have to watch it when there are VCD starts selling in the market. I’m not sure about it but who knows it will still be showing? I heard people start to change their attitude and behavior after they watch this movie, turning into a better person in fact. Well, I really hope that people could change into a better person and change this world into a better place.

So before we head to the cinema, we went for a walk and have some drinks in Secret Recipe. Here it goes. Pictures for today, cakes and drinks and us! We have Hazelnut Cheese Cake, Chocolate Indulgence which is my all time favourite, Caramel Macchiato, and Chocolate smoothies.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

City Vegetarian Restaurant

I had my breakfast here in City Vegetarian Restaurant. The address? Shop No. 6-0, Lintas Plaza 2.
Working hours are 8am to 2pm and 6pm to 9pm

The dishes are nice! I love it.
I heard my mom said that the Tuaran mee here is nice nice nice and I don’t have the chance to try yet until today. Mom and sister ordered 3 dishes and in addition a plate of fried mushroom. Then four of us shared.

Mom said that the fried mushroom is too sweet because of the honey sauce.

Picture Below: All the dishes we ordered.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

In Loving Memory of Joycelyn

Born: 14th September 1988 Departed: 25th November 2006

Can’t believe it had been 3 years.
Deeply missed and loved by all of us.

Chloe aka Joyce
Student of 5 Melur (S.M. All Saints)

City view on 25 November

Went to the town and to send some stuff and head to somewhere else.


I realize Suria Sabah almost finish! Banners putting ads that are to believe Metrojaya is going to open in Suria Sabah on 3rd December 2009. So, I took some picture of it since someone who is in UK now missing Sabah. Lol. Once I see Suria, I heard her voice saying and I did promise her to take some picture of Suria Sabah and I decided to let her see the procedure of it since I formerly a Quantity Surveyor always snap snap pictures of buildings. Oh ya! For your information, there are plants on the site now!

But before that, I saw this HUGE ship! The name of this ship is Costa Classica. Well, I manage to snap it while I’m in the car since the road having a traffic jam. Is she beautiful? Yes it is. I wish that I could have my holiday with Star Cruise. It is possible?

WHY NOT?! As long as I pay. Right? Hhaha

Okay, continue my journey to the town. I have to go Wisma Merdeka to send something and I have to pass by Hyatt. Hyatt now is having their renovation now. And...? Shenanigan’s! The sword fish and the sea side! Happy happy?

*ehhem* *cough*

I know you miss Shenanigan’s.

Okay, that’s the end!
Show you some of the weather here in Kota Kinabalu now then

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Another local fruit that can be find in East Malaysia.
There is a possibility of you getting the sour one or the sweet one.
Or combination which is the ‘Duku’. Very very sweet and nice. Yums!
When you peel it, your fingers will get sticky!

Nokia 5230 I'm loving it!

Hey guys. Come and have a look at this and please help me!!

I'm thinking to buy a new phone because my phones... Urgh.
One of them, the oldest one no sound that can come out so I didn't know how many miss calls I get.
Then, the one which meatball and mom replace with mine, its hard to sms because the keypad is  soooo hard!
My Sony Eicson, gosh! I didn't know how much did I spent on repairing this phone and yet still cannot be use till now. The screen are good now just the colour kinda weird. The keypad are now okay but still..... Line gone!

So, as my K-daddy read through the newspaper and I saw this advertisement!
NOKIA 5230~~~ and the advertisement shines infront of my eyes.

Yes yes.. it's new and I kinda interested in this phone.
The colours are nice where there are black, red, pink, green and blue.
I loveeeee the red, pink and blue.

So, have a look! and please please do tell me is this phone good? Because I kinda... lack of knowledge in reading those details and information. *Just to be honest* I just know some of it and more, what does the 'Memory' part says? It says there 'Card slot microSD (TransFlash), up to 16GB' So, what does it means?

Do help me in this! Guide me pals! Tell me all about it and what you guys think! Should I or should I not?

Picture cerdits:

Oh ya guys!
This is the website that you might have a look and tell me about this Nokia 5230.


Monday, 23 November 2009

Bitter gourd

Today today! I’m the chef!
1 Bitter gourd
5 pieces of garlic
¾ teaspoon of salt
2 table spoons of Black bean sauce

First, slice the garlic then cut the bitter gourd to half and slice it to pieces.
Prepare the wok and pour on oil then wait it until hot.
Then, put the sliced garlic into the wok until it golden brown.
Bitter gourd is next and mixes it well until it is greenish and cooked.
Put in the salt, mix it well and equally. Then, black bean sauce is the last!


P/s: You may add on pepper if you want to.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Anniversary of Dad and Mom

The overall dinner was good.

Delicious foods again from Moon Bell Restaurant.
While Dad drops Mom and sisters first, I accompany him to find parking.

Dad and I walked as we park far away from the Restaurant and we had a short talk.
The dishes again, almost the same as before.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Tarap again.

This year, can be considered local fruit season. Because weather in Malaysia, I mean Sabah is totally hot!hot!hot!
No wonder all the fruits are sweet and the fruits are large in numbers.

Last month I blogged about Durian, The King of fruit.
Now, I’m gonna blog about Tarap. The opposite of Durian.
Durian is hot and Tarap is the cold one.

So, you should have a look at these pictures below.
And the video as well.
I just want to make fun of it actually, for recording the video.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Showing off my new sweet.

On the way, on the road. Trying to go City Mall and reduce my stress a little. So, I didn't expect that I will get more stress when it comes to purchasing accessories. Yes, it's all nice and hard to find and yet it's never will be double. It's all handmade.

Showing off my new sweet.
It brings me another happiness in my life as it is chosen among hundreds.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Little Taiwan Putatan

Had a little lunch in the other side of Putatan. It's near to Inti College Sabah.
Saw some of the Hotel Management students were there having their lunch as well!
This is my first time dining in the restaurant which is own by a Taiwan Family.
They are friendly and courteous.

Should try this when you get there at Putatan!
Located at the new side on Putatan.
The price? Slightly fair.

Picture Below: Eve's (Left), Kim's (Middle), Jenette's (Right)

Friday, 6 November 2009

Laici (Lychee) Rambutan

What is this!?

It is the combination of two types of fruits.
It’s kinda sweet. I love it.
But it’s a rare type. Hard to find it in the market and it’s expensive!

Monday, 2 November 2009

INTI Partner Lunch 2009

I have been called to work for INTI management at Le Meridien.
It’s a Partner Lunch to introduce the New INTI to the agents, secondary school’s principals and counselors. All the student helpers are great by doing their part in registration and ushers. Well, as you know, INTI are part of Lauraete now.

At first when I get the email from the management, I am so happy!
Thank you for the management who let us helps and takes part in this event!
Kimberly and I were doing our part in registration.
Daryl and Emmanuel were doing their part by ushering the guests.

We did take a few pictures and we had so much fun there.

I didn’t know Emmanuel; the 14th INTIMA President is coming actually. I just knew the day before when I do all the name tags. Spontaneously, he has been invited to give a speech on that day by saying “Why INTI”. With the help of Miss Venezuela, the speech is brilliant and the expression of a confirmation for every audience. Good luck to Emmanuel in furthering his studies in overseas. Congratulation!

In the end of the event, we are able to dine in the buffet lunch.

OMG. Two words “Worth It!” to work. HAHA

Okay now, this is the day before. I need to prepare the things in the Venue.
But, the first thing that I see is....

Aww. Sexy huh? Ok now, continue.

Okies, now the next day

Picture Below: Kimberly, Chloe, Emmanual, and Darryl

Picture Below: Emmanuel and I, trying to be ghost. lol

Picture Below: This is what ladies do when they go to the toilet. lol

Picture Below: In fact, its quite okay when I'm in short hair. Right?

Picture Below: Our Tea Break

Picture Below: Our Lunch! BUFFET!

Picture Below: Yes, we are enjoying and hope there will be another one! Right Kim?!