Monday, 2 November 2009


INTI Partner Lunch 2009

I have been called to work for INTI management at Le Meridien.
It’s a Partner Lunch to introduce the New INTI to the agents, secondary school’s principals and counselors. All the student helpers are great by doing their part in registration and ushers. Well, as you know, INTI are part of Lauraete now.

At first when I get the email from the management, I am so happy!
Thank you for the management who let us helps and takes part in this event!
Kimberly and I were doing our part in registration.
Daryl and Emmanuel were doing their part by ushering the guests.

We did take a few pictures and we had so much fun there.

I didn’t know Emmanuel; the 14th INTIMA President is coming actually. I just knew the day before when I do all the name tags. Spontaneously, he has been invited to give a speech on that day by saying “Why INTI”. With the help of Miss Venezuela, the speech is brilliant and the expression of a confirmation for every audience. Good luck to Emmanuel in furthering his studies in overseas. Congratulation!

In the end of the event, we are able to dine in the buffet lunch.

OMG. Two words “Worth It!” to work. HAHA

Okay now, this is the day before. I need to prepare the things in the Venue.
But, the first thing that I see is....

Aww. Sexy huh? Ok now, continue.

Okies, now the next day

Picture Below: Kimberly, Chloe, Emmanual, and Darryl

Picture Below: Emmanuel and I, trying to be ghost. lol

Picture Below: This is what ladies do when they go to the toilet. lol

Picture Below: In fact, its quite okay when I'm in short hair. Right?

Picture Below: Our Tea Break

Picture Below: Our Lunch! BUFFET!

Picture Below: Yes, we are enjoying and hope there will be another one! Right Kim?!

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