Saturday, 24 May 2014

Bead-Making with Magic Borneo Beads by Eleanor Goroh!

The first time when I did my first handmade bead bracelet was in February and today is the second attempt to do another new bracelet and a necklace for myself. Tough, but I will do my best to learn. Happening in The Sabah Society, there were about 10 of us who joined the workshop. The class starts at 2:00pm and it ended later than expected because everyone who eager to learn more.

Magic Borneo Beads by Eleanor Goroh is another leisure activity that allowed everyone to know more about beads - from the history of the beads, where do the beads come from, how they were made, appreciating beads, to how to make your own accessories with beads. She has her own studio (sharing with her photographer husband) located at Beverly Hills, Bundusan, Either you can join her at her little cosy studio, or you can meet her every Sunday at El Centro, Gaya Street.

It’s indeed there are a lot of non-Sabahan, especially the foreigners, appreciate our local culture more than the local do. No offence, but only a few who cares, and hope for the best to sustain the culture/ heritage. I myself, I love beads. I have one of my bead bracelets in the car. My friends would ask, “What is it”? Well, they are colourful and meaningful and I would suggest my friends from overseas to bring some home as souvenirs from Sabah. Most importantly, if they are able to travel far (for example, Kudat is known for the Rungus people and their beads), they are able to witness the making of the Traditional Rungus Bead Necklace/ Bracelet/ accessories by the Rungus. It may seem easy, but actually the one that I made is easier - which I only use one string.

Eleanor has prepared the table with many boxes of beads and she started the workshop by having a short briefing or introduction. In her class, as long as you have paid the registration fees, you get to choose your beads (whichever colour/ material that you like) and she will give you a string that suits to make either a bracelet or necklace. Sometimes, she might set a limit on her special beads. So don’t go grab ‘em all! ;)

Actually, it is quite easy to make your own bracelet. It’s just that you need to have a good patience, and be silent when beading. For me, it is a way to meditate by having a good quiet time apart from your busy weekdays. As you are DIY-ing, focus and try to do a little mix and match on the beads that is made of clay, glass, plastic, and more. There are no 1, 2, and 3 steps of how are you going to design your bracelet and necklace. You are the designer of your own accessories, so just do it your way. 

I'll show you my bracelet and necklace soon. Didn't have a good picture of that.
So have a pleasant time with Eleanor when you get to meet her. Do help me to say “Hi” to her! Hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

2 hours with #AdidasNEO by #AdidasMY at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

Let us reveal how crazy we were during our shopping at the AdidasNEO store.

The three of us choose to hunt for our favourites together so that we can have more eyes and opinion on each other’s decision. We took almost 2 to 3 hours in the store to choose what’s best for us. This is because everything is so nice that it is hard for us to grab everything that we want! In addition to that, eventually I have to add another few extra dollar besides using the sponsored AdidasNEO vouchers of RM1000. Boys will be boys and girls will always be girls. When it comes to shopping, we just can’t get enough.

Choosing from the counter, there is a lovely pair of chopstick which I would really want to own it and just to use it every time when I cook in the office so I can show to everyone that “hey! Adidas has chopsticks too!” but I decided not to because I couldn’t put an Adidas into my mouth! I will slap myself if I do that. But still, I would really like to use it because nobody has it yet!

Look further in the store for some awesome shoes. I have always love Adidas shoes since I was just a kid. That three stripes trademark is just awesome as the way it is and there are so many to choose fresh from the rack! First, I have chose the new purple pink shoe that shines right in front of me once I first step forward to the shoe rack. If you really able to spot the difference, there’s another purple shoe that placed second beside of this pair that I chose but the purple colour is different. This purple looks more stunning as it is slightly lighter and unique in the sense that you seldom get to see this colour.

Let me tell you something. I think AdidasNEO has a good customer service as all the staffs are helpful and friendly. Look, they will help you whenever you need perhaps a new stock for the items that you chose, questions like what’s on promotions, and this guy even helped me choose a style! Nice. Sometimes I like it that way because ladies, we got to trust the man’s eyes. This is the sneaker that this guy chose for me because I was having a hard time choosing the white or the jeans material.

And time to grab some nice outfit that suits me. I chose this Women Fox Sweater @ RM170 because I think it’s cool. It’s not because that I’m crazy despite in our tropical weather here. But hey, I can wear it for a movie night right? And I’m always travelling. So, I can’t wait to wear it on my next trip to China or Europe. It will be lovely and with the two beautiful foxes in front of the sweater, it certainly grabs the attention. And the shorts, who doesn't like shorts here in Kota Kinabalu? Haha! It's essential for us Sabahans.

Now here's a group picture! And I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all the staff at Adidas NEO, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall for attending us three that walk in and out the store. Hope you are able to find the picture! :D

Real Madrid Star Cristiano Ronaldo to Kick off the World Cup in Hong Kong

Join in the ‘Champion fever’ at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

One of the most influential players in sports today, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to tackle his way through football grounds before arriving at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong today. With one more month to go until the World Cup, and with the completion of the revamp of 'The Champions' zone at the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, Cristiano Ronaldo will be kicking off the 2014 World Cup fever with football fans and fellow 'Champions'.

With his passion for football, immense physical strength and lightning speed, Cristiano Ronaldo is a player with great talent. He started his career in 2001 and quickly came to the attention of Sir Alex Ferguson where he eventually signed with Manchester United in 2003. Now, the first ever Portuguese footballer to have won the FIFA Ballon d'Or award twice plays as a forward for Real Madrid in Spain and captains the Portugal national team in a bid to win the championship title in the World Cup.

'With the 2014 FIFA World Cup coming up soon, we are honored to welcome Ronaldo as our second football star to be part of Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. In conjunction with the upcoming big event, we are excited to unveil our revamped 'The Champions" area, where fans can now meet with their favorite sports heroes through an extended new setting,' says Kelly Mak, General Manager of Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.

To celebrate the occasion, guests who visit the attraction wearing a number '7' football jersey starting today until July 13, 2014, will enjoy a 25% discount on their regular-priced admission ticket* and also a 7% discount on all Madame Tussauds Hong Kong branded souvenirs.

Cristiano Ronaldo will take up permanent residence at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong in the newly renovated 'The Champions' area, joining other sports stars such as David Beckham and Maria Sharapova.

*maximum purchase of two tickets per person

Monday, 12 May 2014

SHAREDA PH Expo in Tawau will be happening this weekend!

The flagship SHAREDA Property Hunter Expo (SHAREDA PH Expo) Tawau will be happening this weekend from 16 to 18 May 2014 (10:00am to 8:00pm) at the Lau Gek Poh Foundation Hall.

This free-to-attend event is jointly organized by the Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (SHAREDA) and Maxx Media (S) Sdn Bhd returns to Tawau. It will feature over 32 exhibitors consisting of local and international developers, property agents and banks.

One of the main highlights will be Eco Garden by Solidius Development, the subsidiary of the Chang Cheng Group. Located on Jalan Bunga Raya in the thriving Sin On area, this high-end residential development set on a 5.63-acre prime land consist of 34 units of semi-detached houses and 16 units of terrace houses. 

In line with Solidius Development’s aim to be more environmentally conscious, the company will be using eco-friendly building materials that are of the best quality. The semi-detached units have a built-up area of 4,284 sq ft and have three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms on the first floor.  And each unit of the terrace houses has a built-up area of about 3,638 sq ft. This exclusive residential development will start construction in 2014 and is estimated to be completed in 2.5 years. 

In downtown Semporna there is still a steady demand for commercial development. To cater to the growing economy in the district, Prinsip Hasil will be launching 100 shoplots with sizes ranging from 1,200 sq ft to over 2,000 sq ft. Each unit block is priced from RM630,000 onwards. 

The participating property developers and property agents will be showcasing more than 30 of the most anticipated projects from the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Jalin Realty will be featuring Zone 1 to Zone 6 apartments and student accommodations in the UK, plus apartments and landed homes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. 

Other exhibitors that will be showcasing properties from overseas include APAD Australia Property and Development, and Far East Organization from Singapore. Top developers that will be highlighting properties in Malaysia include the Mah Sing Group, Reapfield Properties, Vivahomes Realty, GuocoLand Malaysia and many more. Sabahan developers include The W Group, Remajaya, Grand Merdeka Development, Sara Timur Realty and others. 

One lucky buyer who makes a purchase at the SHAREDA PH Expo in Tawau will walk away with a 9D7N trip for two to Shanghai fully sponsored by Airworld Travel & Tours. Buyers will also receive free vouchers from Louis Pang Studio worth RM800 (for properties under RM500,000) and RM1080 (for properties above RM500,000). 

Visitors on the other hand will have the chance to enter the Visit and Win contest and stand a chance to win Acer Smartphones each sponsored by Acer Malaysia. All attendees will also be able to get free lottery tickets and copies of the Property Hunter magazine. 

According to Michael Hiew organizer and director of Maxx Media (S) Sdn Bhd, “We are glad to be organizing this expo in Tawau for the third year.  This expo is very special because there are a few new-to-the-market projects that will be showcased in Tawau for the first time. Besides this, there is a good mix and variety of projects being exhibited, offering a wide range of investment choices for the people of Tawau.”

The SHAREDA PH Expo is an annual Business-to-Consumer (B2C) event that aims to bring investors and home buyers to property developers with the ever growing demand in premium property. For more information, visit

Thursday, 8 May 2014

#SHWGF2014 Baba Nyonya Cuisine at The Spice Island

Spending another night in Spice Island at Sutera Harbour Resort. This time, I get to try out their very first Baba Nyonya menu in the hotel and this will be the first hotel that thought of serving Baba Nyonya cuisine which is hardly get in Sabah. Of course, everyone know about the difficulties in preparing a perfect Baba Nyonya dish. So why don’t head down to The Spice Island and try out?

Walking in to the restaurant for the second time makes me kind of remember the perfect view of both resort and hotel, over looking the Marina with all beautiful white yacht and boats. Tables are all set up with the Baba Nyonya Basket - Joget Bakul Siah, with dimmed lights and dark maroon walls.

First dish was a HOT dish. Oh well, I remember I did posted a picture of it and said that we get excited after eating the Kerabu, not from the effect of the wine. 

1. Appetizer: Pie Tie and Kerabu Kacang Botol
Imagine, it’s really spicy, with a sourish taste.

 2. Soup: Sup Itik Tim (Duck Soup)

3. Main Course: Kari Udang, Ayam Kapitan, Beef with Plum Sauce, Ikan Asam Pedas, and Steamed White Rice

 4. Dessert: Abok Abok Sagu

#SHWGF2014 Experience with the Ferdinand's

For 6 days, gourmands and wine lovers will experience a culinary adventure of taste and flavours from the kitchen of the three fine dining restaurants in Sutera Harbour Resort. The featured restaurants are Ferdinand’s at The Magellan Sutera Resort, Silk Garden at The Pacific Sutera Hotel, Spice Island and Sutera Harbour Marina & Country Club.

The Opening Night of the 2nd Sutera Harbour Resort & Winecellars Gourmet Fest was held in Hibiscus Garden, The Pacific Sutera Hotel. Featuring the 3 outlets’ and guest chefs’ signature dishes and I have missed the fun on the 6 May! But it’s okay, I get a chance to try out Ferdinand’s last night.

Michelin Star Chef – Awarded in 2012, Chef RenĂ© Mathieu was also elected as Luxembourg’s Chef of the Year 2010 by the Gault Millau guide. Rene Mathieu was born in Laroche in the Ardenne area of Belgium. At present, he is based at the Chateau de Bourglinster, the fairytale landmark of Luxembourg. His innovative and beautiful creations highlighting natural flavours of his cuisine are sure to have you indulge into a world-class dining experience. Best known for his French and Italian gourmet-styled cooking, savour his tantalising spread of carte du jour at Ferdinand’s, The Magellan Sutera Resort.

Grab this chance to mingle around with top chefs during the Gourmet Fest! And if you want to taste the gastronomic dishes by Chef RenĂ© Mathieu himself, come to the Gourmet Fest at Sutera Harbour Resort this coming Friday, May 9 where there will be a Host Night “Night at the Vineyard”. To experience good food, there must be a price to pay. But trust me in this, it’s gonna be worth it. Check out the brochure below for all the pricing for different dining experience and cooking classes.

Now, the food. Hmmpph.