Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Written by ChloeTiff LMT

A mixture of Grey and White,
Does this familiar to you?
White little fluffy creations,
Had turn to dust that can't be seen.

It's like a battle,
That only can witness.
Knocking down each other there,
Forbidden to participate from here. 

There is a message,
Which never been told.
Happy, anger, love, or disappointment,
It shows somehow.

Tears dropping that is unexpected,
Fire that feels like volcanoes,
Disappearance of the woods,
Greens that had been covered.

Level of the blues increase,
Pieces of rocks washed away,
Whites that is melting away,
It is all gone silently. 

When will we realize,
That the darkness has come.
Nothing are done,
Will there be rainbow once again?

It will never be too late,
Only if we could learn.
Things will be better, 
When you have the eager.. and faith to believe.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Harapan Tanpa Suara - Kami Prihatin Kempen

Translate= Silent Hope - We care Campaign

God give us life right?
Human should appreciate it and we knew that. 

Life is a gift of God.

• It should be cherished.
• It should be nourished.
• It should be protected.


To read more, click the link below.

If they do not want this to happen, why they wanna do that at the first place? But we who see, can not think that those who make mistakes is the only one who throws the baby.. Who knows, some of them is those parents who can't afford to raise a child.. Hard life.
I bet those who throw, will be sad too.
There's one person who said this in this video which is true. "Hand over the baby to someone rather than throw it. There maybe someone who are willing to adopt this little life." Well, our Miss Venezuela told us about this last week and I try to search for this video. Miss Venezuela added that, "we might not know is there any stray dogs who will bite the baby".

I cried when I was watching this video.
So, Please.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

What Real Women Expect from Men

I'm not sure about this but It's kinda..
Well, depends on each individual actually~ Enjoy!

Esquire asked 36 American women at five definitive ages what they wanted out of a guy their age. Here's what they believed, in their own words.

At 18:
He should be compassionate, at least. There have to be some teenage boys with compassion!
He should be good with the parents.
He should have a goal.
He should know how to whittle wood.
We don't expect very much, to be honest.

At 27:
He should be reliable.
He shouldn't rely on text messaging as a tool of courtship.
He should have a "way" about him.
He should have traveled the world.
He should know how to cook one thing really well.
He should have a political affiliation.
He should, every now and then, substitute a light beer with Scotch on the rocks.
He should behave as if his mother raised him correctly — even if she didn't.

At 35:
He should not have a belly.
He should have decided on a sexual preference.
He should possess the thoughtfulness required to help a mom with a stroller and two kids up the stairs.
He should not have mommy issues.
He should have moved on from pickup lines to conversation starters.
He should want the party to end at some point.

At 44:
He should be a real partner.
He should still be eager to learn.
He should be able to sing along to all the songs on Boston's first album.
He should be financially secure.
He should understand the importance of jewelry in a woman's life.
He should take out the garbage without being asked.
He should be sexy.
He should be a gentleman.

At 53:
He should work out.
He should smell like something: aftershave or cologne.

He should know politics.
He should be faithful.
He should like Bob Dylan.
He should dance.
He should not be addicted to his work.
He should admit his mistakes.

Credits, MSN lifestyle
Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Late afternoon Cock and Bull

 Do you still remember my previous post about dining in Cock and Bull at Jesselton Point Kota Kinabalu?

Well, we went back there again late afternoon.
I know, I know it’s too much! I think the waiters are afraid of us. Haha!
This time, we ordered slightly different stuffs. So, here it is!

Stela - Tuna Sandwich (RM13)
Jenette - Club Sandwich (RM18)
Me - Mango Cheese Cake (RM8)

Mango cheese cake is really really good! The cheese is smooth and the mango is thick! As for the sandwiches, I think it's better to eat it when its still hot. Cock and Bull use better quality bread which is the wholemeal bread for the sandwiches. So, it is healthy! Tuna Sandwich (4.5stars) and Club Sandwich (4.0stars). Don't know why I love Tuna than the Club Sandwich. Maybe because of the mayo right? But it's really worth for the Club Sandwich because really lots of meat!

and here is it. Enjoy!

Picture Below: Mango Cheese Cake (RM8)

Picture Below: Tuna Sandwich (RM13)

Picture Below: Club Sandwich (RM18)

Friday, 4 June 2010

Cock and Bull

This morning I have test which I think I did not do well because I didn’t study well last night due to some reasons. Well, after the test (I only have one class today, yay!) I went to the management office for a while to disturb a while. Then Jenette suggested Cock and Bull for lunch and we did! Peggy joins us for a while before her class.

It’s my first time to step into Cock and Bull, Waterfront, Jesselton Point.

So, when I get in there, I thought if will be dark and gloomy but its BRIGHT! Table settings are fine for me but it’s a little bit hot in there. Maybe because of the weather so can be excuse. From the inside of the building, you can see Jesselton Point. There are many taxis around that area, so it’s quite convenient for everybody who wants to go there. Specially, you can walk from Suria Sabah if you want to! Well, I love most of the paints that are hanging on the walls which makes me feels like home. There are paintings of angels which I love the most and the canvas painting right behind of me.

This is us! :)

So long story cut short. This is what we ordered!
Peggy – Mushroom Soup (RM8) Fish and Chips (RM15)
Jenette – Grilled Chicken Breast (RM21)
Me – Tomato Soup (RM8) Lamb Chop (RM19)

Ready? Let’s go!

Mushroom soup is good which I will give rating of (3.5stars). Well, maybe because I love Gunter’s Mushroom soup. It depends on individual taste actually. For me, I don’t like it to be too creamy like Upperstar. I love mushroom soup which there is a strong smell of mushrooms. Erm.. haha! 
Well, Tomato Soup (2.5stars). First sip into my mouth it was so salty! As all of us give a try, we think that they are totally using the Prego sauce without adding water. But I love that they do have lots of tomatoes in the soup and the flakes that they used.

Peggy’s Fish and Chips (4.5stars) really nice that they really use less flour unlike other restaurant such as Fish & Co. This dish is not oily at all which I really really love it. The meat is quite thick as well haha. Salad dressings are just nice! Chips, just normal.
Now comes Jenette’s Grilled Chicken Breast (4.5stars). When I tried on her dish and it feels Malaysian. I mean, it’s authentic. Maybe because of the bell peppers, I don’t know. Decorated nicely and looks mouth watering. Underneath the chicken breast, there are mash potatoes and beside of it there are mushrooms. I love the meat!
Here it comes! My dish, Lamb Chop (4.5stars) it is! Too bad there are no choices of Mint Sauce and others. It just came with black pepper sauce, so I minus two marks here haha. The lamb is quite soft and easy to chew. You will not find many fats because it’s mostly meat!

I will be back,
Cock and Bull

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

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Hia Everybody!

It's good to blog again and I'm into this Twitter thingy recently.
So, please do add or follow me in Twitter!

I did link my Twitter to my blog, at the right side of my web page. So that you guys can see my 'whats happening'. YES! Its to let all of you to see my updates and status while I'm not blogging! Keep in touch ya? Really sorry for my missing in action!bOr else, you can just search for ChloeTiff in Twitter to add or follow me!
See you there!

P/s: I do know crazywrazy have it because I searched! Added you already kor!

Twitter tweet tweet!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Until I met him, 揚明.

If only you realised what did I post in my Facebook
"Omigod! I just took picture with a handsome artist! Yes yes yes. I did hug him!"

and my Twitter
"Yesterday was awesome that I hugged a Hong Kong artist! He's muscular and cute!"

飛女正傳 is his latest movie.

Well, yesterday night we were having dinner at Ocean Seafood Restaurant.
First, we saw this beautiful lady (a Hong Kong model actually after we asked) and then I found out that she's shooting with some media. My sister told me that maybe she's shooting for some of the Food Channels. So, maybe right?

Then, my sister saw this guy and asked me to reconfirm. Then, it's really the guy from those movies. His name is 揚明, Hong Kong actor and 飛女正傳 is his latest movie.

At first, I'm gonna miss the chance of taking picture with him because both of my sisters were just passing him. :(
Really sad that time but I don't wanna miss the chance! Then... I turn around, looking at him and asked
"Can I have a picture with you?"
and he glanced and replied, "Yes sure!"
I was so afraid that he will say 'Urgh, NO' but lucky still we get the chance! The truth is, he's friendly!

So, as we were taking pictures, he placed both of his hands to me and my sister. *Felt lucky that time* because others were looking at us!

Then, now you guess what did I do?
I put my hands on his waist. LOL.