Tuesday, 15 June 2010



Written by ChloeTiff LMT

A mixture of Grey and White,
Does this familiar to you?
White little fluffy creations,
Had turn to dust that can't be seen.

It's like a battle,
That only can witness.
Knocking down each other there,
Forbidden to participate from here. 

There is a message,
Which never been told.
Happy, anger, love, or disappointment,
It shows somehow.

Tears dropping that is unexpected,
Fire that feels like volcanoes,
Disappearance of the woods,
Greens that had been covered.

Level of the blues increase,
Pieces of rocks washed away,
Whites that is melting away,
It is all gone silently. 

When will we realize,
That the darkness has come.
Nothing are done,
Will there be rainbow once again?

It will never be too late,
Only if we could learn.
Things will be better, 
When you have the eager.. and faith to believe.
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