Friday, 27 June 2008


Reunion in Sudden

"Love is fed by the imagination, by which we become wiser than we know, better than we feel, nobler than we are; by which we can see life as a whole: by which and which alone, we can understand others in their real as in their ideal relations."

It happened while Aldrich and I was having a walk in City Mall.
We went into the Yogur Berry and ordered.

Afterthat, when I was trying to find a place to sit..
I heard whispers.. Chloe's there.. issit?
Then I turned to my left and oh God!
So many of them was sitting and looking at us.

Once I saw them, they make me thought back of our schooling life in All Saints. Where we played the Violin, talking to each other, tells stories about each of them. Ahh.. life is good!

Thank you my Baby for helping took this picture! Love you!

I miss you all girls my pals!
Adeline was not in this picture.
Where is she ah?
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