Sunday, 8 June 2008


GoodBye Malaysia, Hello UK !

My sister waiting for her flight right now 12:33am in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Her flight will be at 2am but actually before this was 1:30am, delayed.

Mum and Dad went to Kuala Lumpur to send her flight. Don't know whether have they cried or not but I think... I don't even dare to think about it. Well, is not the first time Dad and Mum sent daughter's flight tho. Perhaps cried in their hearts.

We sent Mum, Dad and Sister around 8am in the morning and quite a lot of people are in the airport checkin' in. Luckily there is no fee charges on the over weight luggage. While waiting to check in, Mum asked me to accompany her to buy some seafood to her friend over Kuala Lumpur who have been a helpful hand. He always help us everytime whenever we needed help. Get back to topic, Mum was buying things with Dad and I'm doing nothing. So took some pictures of the Aquarium showing " The Different Kind of Brains " and I bought her favourites, Famous Amos and Lolipop and supprised her!

She's going to sit on the plane for 22hours. Sure she need those cookies.

" Be safe in your journey. Eat the useful Famous Amos! *Muaks* ", 7pm I sms her
" Ok. Thank U my sister. Don't be naughty. ", She replied
" Won't be naughty la. No worries. Arrived UK be brave and independent. "

Well, It's the first time she say my sister.. Cause mostly we called each other by names. Lol.

Now already 1:16am la..
Think she's on the plane boarding now.
Guess sitting on a plane for 22hours is kinda..
But at least she will stops at Dubai.

Gonna miss you lots !

"The Different Kind of Brain..

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