Sunday, 1 June 2008



Guess she'd Arrived. Avy already arrived United Kingdom. She went there to continue her studies in Sheffield Hallam University! You go girl! I know you can do it and believe in yourself dear!

Let's talk about how I met her.

Well, it's the first day she move in to my house back to those days in Kuala Lumpur. Together with her sister Erin, they move in quite lots of stuffs which we need to carry up and down. LOL..

They stayed in the Medium room and I'm in the Single. Since they haven't tidy up their room and wondering how to decorate it, I went into the room and say hi to them and ask for anything that I could help. Yeah.. that they have in mind that how they are going to put the beds and the cupboard. So I told them and haha Avy told me this after few month..

" I really donno you are that friendly and I thought you are trying to lie to us and cheat us cause I never meet and see such a person like you"

Those words make me like... O.O shocked and together we laught cause she already knew that I'm really like that after those few month!

We really become close buddy since the first day. Eating out together, Gym together, Swim together as our daily ways of keep fit! I think we get close really fast because of the interest and we love to pillow talk every night! But once we keep fit, we go for supper after few hours. What kind of Keep fit plan are these? LOL.. Cheese Naan in Steven's Corner. Oh ya, Avy.. not to forget my Cinema Room okay? Love it! Everytime there's problem in school or home, we will talk it out and find ways to solve.

There's something that Avy thought is true.
I was talking on phone with Aldrich saying that I don't know how to cook instant mee. But is not true okay? Avy thought is true. No I mean, who was there while I'm saying that, they actually believed! Afterthat, I go and cook. Haha.

Oh ya! Not to forget that Avy is the one who teach me Audition. LoL.. In the month of July.

During Exam time, we would study together in the living room without disturbing those who had asleep inside the rooms. I remember there's some days that I keep say "wake me up in 5 minutes" but then 5 minutes later.. "wake me up in 10 minutes more".. then again once more " just wake me up in one hour later" cause we are studying like hell! Non sleep a day till morning 8am prepare to go to school for exam. We (Caace) almost drink 'Xi Mut Nai Cha' two cups a nite or one cup for tonight study and one for tomorrow exam. Flash back to those days, thanks God that our brain does not burst! How many hours we did not sleep huh? Two days we did not sleep sometimes yea?

Don't ever Forget! What's the meaning of Caace.
C hloeA vyA udrey
C hiaPin
E rin
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