Monday, 26 July 2010

SMS Voting starts!

It have been days that I blogged my days as the finalist in the beauty pageant. Well, let us cut it short. Everyone, please vote for your favourite finalists of Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010! By having these votes, only one finalist will earn the title of “Miss Popular”.

So, this is it! How to vote? Click on the link

You may need to purchase the Tune Talk Simpack which is only RM5 and there are RM5 credits inside. So, it can be considered as a free package! Vote for us now! Each vote is only 5 cents!

Please visit Miss Borneo Tourism QI Official Page
Please visit Miss Borneo Tourism QI Official Page (Facebook)

Waiting for your votes!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Photo Shoot for 7K Sunset Run 2010

Hmmm… I update late again! Nearly to a week!
Well, remember that I told you guys about the photo shooting on 7 July 2010?
All of us meet together around 2.30pm and I reached there about 2pm to prevent late!

But there is a big surprise! Hmmm…

Size M to Size S! Not bad huh?
I can’t believe that I’m wearing Size S but it’s only a T-shirt. I should challenge myself to wear my old jeans. Haha. So, all of us changed and there we go! Meeting everyone there and there are children who we will be taking pictures with. They are all sweating and tired *pity* specially the one with red T-shirt! Very very cute boy! He stands with me and keep sweating! Hehe… I put my hands at his shoulder and he looked at me with his round round eyes. CUTE!!!

Here it is! but before that...

Kindly click the links below to visit all the websites! Support this event and me too!

Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010 (Facebook Fanspage)
Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010 (Official Website)

Stay tune and Vote for me!

Feelings of sadness

Written by ChloeTiff LMT

When you felt down,
Look for the brightness in you.
You never know what's the miracle could happen.

When you felt lonely,
Look for the memories that happened in you.
You will never be alone.

When you felt angry,
Think back those who loves you.
You will be grateful.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

10th 7K Sunset Charity Run

Ever heard of this?
I did joined for the previous years back in my secondary school years but then when I moved to Kuala Lumpur I did not join anymore because of the dates that I am still in KL. Always clashed! This time, once again I am going to run for Charity!

Surprisingly, mommy going to run as well with her Girl Guilds friends and so as my sister as well. I'm kind of worry of my mom because she didn't really run... normally. Housework she's the best in that but running? I'm worried. 

In addition, this few days I did train myself in Core Fitness and somehow I can feel that I walk faster after I trained myself. Haha!

Apart from that, the finalists of Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010 (Sabah) will be having a photo session for this 7K Sunset Charity Run today! I'm quite nervous! *huh huh!* and mommy done hers with her Girl Guides friends yesterday!

Wish today will be a great day!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

FREE Movie tickets – SALT Premier @ GSC Suria Sabah!

There will be a MOVIE PREMIER of SALT (staring Angelina Jolie)

Movie details as below:
Date: 29th July 2010
Time: 9 pm Show
Venue: GSC Cinema, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. 

All 10 finalist of Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International from Sabah and Sarawak will be there!

Well, bear in mind that this is a charity movie screening and tickets are given FREE upon your generous contribution *minimum RM25*. So, we are actually organizing a Fund Raising campaign for Sabah Cheshire Home, home for the disabled children.

So, show your care and please do contact me for donation!
My email is shown at the right side! xoxo!

Thank you in advance and appreciate it very much!

10 Finalists of Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010

After a long awaits, the day has come!
Both Cassandra Patrick and Stella Matilda went to Sarawak and found the semi-finalist. Then, it’s time for 10 finalists!

This happened on 30 June 2010 midnight.
The result is out about 1am and I am still awake that night. Then, after I knew the results, I CAN’T SLEEP!

From their webpage, they wrote:
MISS BORNEO TOURISM QUEEN INTERNATIONAL 2010 (Official Fanpage) CONGRATULATIONS to the Top 10 Grand Finalists! You may visit the official website now and grab the morning papers to read more about it! =)

MISS BORNEO TOURISM QUEEN INTERNATIONAL 2010 (Official Fanpage) CONGRATULATIONS to the Top 10 Grand Finalists! They are Chloe, Dewina, Paula, Elaine, Samantha, Stephanie, Priscilla, Marlene, Janet and Cynthia! Visit for more updates. Also don't forget to grab yourself our local newspapers in the morning! (Borneo Post, Daily Express, New Sabah Times, Utusan Borneo & See Hua Daily)

So, I browse and search and it’s true! I’m IN! This is my PICTURE!
Here I would like to thank both of the organizers, Cassandra and Stella. I will work hard and I know you guys know what I mean if you both see this!

But you know what? I can’t really share to anyone that night because it’s too late. And Aldrich fall asleep and he will be having exams the next day. Same goes to you all. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you guys earlier. Forgive me! Haha!

Click here to see the contestants in their official page!

P/s: ehhhh... I've lose weight. Please don't mind of my measurements haha!

The articles for 8 semi-finalist

Hello again friends! Xoxo!
These are the newspaper articles! Enjoy!

My daddy bought few papers back home but these pictures are from the Official Facebook Page of Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010. Do check in the Official Webpage too!

Wanna know how I feel after the day of audition?
I was still on bed that Sunday morning and I used my cell phone to online. Omigosh. The first thing that I saw is my sister who posted my pictures in Facebook by link! Then I knew about the whole thing just happened! Thank you very much. Oh ya, and two of them even post it in Twitter. Those weeks I still maintain as a low profile because still have to wait whether I am in for the 10 finalist or not. :D


Audition for Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010

Hello family, friends, bloggers, and readers! EVERYBODY!
I know it’s been so long that I have update! Sorry for that and I’m so going to tell you what had happen in the past few weeks since it's official now!

Well, it happens on 19 June 2010.
There is an audition for Miss Borneo Tourism International 2010 in Hyatt Regency Hotel and yes I went there and try my luck.

Once I am there, I thought nobody is there but I saw Stella Matilda at first then Cassandra Patrick! They are so friendly and I feel really warm when I saw both of them. They are really pretty and really admire them a lot. Okay, let’s cut it short because I have to update like three or more tonight! I don’t know! Haha!

This is it! When I went back at 2pm, everyone started to take pictures by the professional photographer Benny. Started to talk to everyone there but not all... I didn’t get to talk to everybody because I was nervous and barely know how to pose. Yes, I’m worried. But, lucky the photographer Benny taught me how.

Then, once my name was called, I walked in. Looking at Cassandra and Stella sitting there, I AM NERVOUS! But then, I don’t know why I have a strange feeling like, really warm in there. So, cool down just a little bit but still nervous because they are really pretty! Haha! So, I introduced myself, questions and answers sections and the talent show. After that, all we do it to wait for the results.

Everybody needs to walk in together because it’s time for results! But before the results, everybody get a chance to introduce themselves again. 8 ladies only are going to continue to the next level and the others can’t. Well, I was in shocked when they called out my name that I am going to continue to the next level. So, this is considered as the 8 semi-finalist in Sabah. Then, both Cassandra and Stella are going to Sarawak to find 8 more ladies to be in the 8 semi-finalist in Sarawak.

What is the reason that I have been chosen?
It was true that what Cassandra said in the end. Haha and I totally agree with her.
“…….. but you need to control your diet la!”

So, I need to work out in that!
This is the pictures that we took that afternoon after the 8 semi-finalist are chosen professionally.

And oh ya!
Please do support their event because it’s international and do support me as well!
I’m Chloe! Haha! Of course you guys know! I hope to have a friendly match here because I can get to know more friends here in this event! Hehe!

Please click the links to support
*Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010 Official Webpage* / *Official Facebook Page* / *My 1st picture in 8 semi-finalist* / *My 2nd picture in 8 semi-finalist* /