Wednesday, 7 July 2010


10th 7K Sunset Charity Run

Ever heard of this?
I did joined for the previous years back in my secondary school years but then when I moved to Kuala Lumpur I did not join anymore because of the dates that I am still in KL. Always clashed! This time, once again I am going to run for Charity!

Surprisingly, mommy going to run as well with her Girl Guilds friends and so as my sister as well. I'm kind of worry of my mom because she didn't really run... normally. Housework she's the best in that but running? I'm worried. 

In addition, this few days I did train myself in Core Fitness and somehow I can feel that I walk faster after I trained myself. Haha!

Apart from that, the finalists of Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010 (Sabah) will be having a photo session for this 7K Sunset Charity Run today! I'm quite nervous! *huh huh!* and mommy done hers with her Girl Guides friends yesterday!

Wish today will be a great day!
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