Friday, 31 October 2008

What happen to my Dad?

It happened to my daddy's face.
No.. is Mouth.
What's wrong with him?


But too bad.. We keep on laughting
I let you all watch my dad's video
Yeah of course you can heard my voice laughing at my dad.

Oh ya! My mum ask..
Anybody can tell her why my dad's cheek will be like this?

Picture Below: Video of Daddy's Cheek

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Yvonne's Wedding Part 2

Picture Below: The Night before WeddingPicture Below: Helping the Birde!Picture Below: Me Lorr..Picture Below: The FlowerPicture Below: Wedding CeremonyPicture Below: Mr and Mrs DuckPicture Below: Happy Bride and Groom (So Cute!)Picture Below: The KissPicture Below: "Haiyoo.. Got my lipstick!"Picture Below: "Are you Ready?"Picture Below: After the Dinner. Tiring CarenPicture Below: Adeline playing with my Camera (See my foot?)Picture Below: Miss Model! hahahaPicture Below: Duck FamilyPicture Below: Group Picture of the day!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Found the Ring

Can't believe that I've found my gone-long-ago ring!
I bought this for Aldrich and I when I was still in Secondary and it gone since few years ago! Yeahh.. I remember it is Form 5 I lost it.

Wow.. Want to know where did I found it back?
In my pocket.... =.="'

Lucky that it didn't gone off from my tiny pocket behind.
Lucky I didn't wear my short pants often.
If not, it never come back again! haha

Actually, I didn't bother to care about the pocket much but yesterday night, I was boring and keep on walking here and there in Yvonne's house to prepare her wedding. Then before I gonna lay on the bed, I play with my pockets to check whether it was true pockets or fake pockets.

Suddenly, I hold it!

Letter to Aldrich:
See baby..
I'd found it back!
God Bless me!
Lucky I didn't give up yours few years ago when I knew mine was gone. Hehhee..

Now I found it back, It came back to me, Then we got another "new" ring to wear! Where's yours?

Love you my baby!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Yvonne's Wedding Part 1

Today is Yvonne's Big day.
Not Birthday.. but Wedding day!
This is my first time staying in friends house.
Not to include staying in Jenette's house because she's my family haha.
So, the wedding is busy! Very very very busy.
Do the make ups, hair, dresses, ang paos, and so on.

So, as for some of the pictures.
I may need to wait for next week?
Wait for it okay?

Picture Below: I made this!

Picture Below: Me, Adeline and Caren
Picture Below: The Busy Bride, Yvonne

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Make Me Fabulous

Have a makeover with Body shop, City Mall.

All of us sat on the chair which had distributed in the center then all of the people that having their shopping spree looking at us. Especially those who just came out from Giant..

Some of the people came forward (I mean really really near to my face) and watching us being make up. How shy.. *shame shame errr* Lol.

I love my make ups because they are using black in me.

Well, I didn't took the picture of the venue but I captured two leng luis.. Haha.

Picture Below: Chloe actingPicture Below: JenettePicture Below: Jenette with phonePicture Below: Chloe looking what you're typing LolPicture Below: Chloe

Picture Below: Which smile is nicer for Chloe?

I really seldom smile showing my teeth.. But most of the people say that,

" If you smile showing your teeth, you look more happy..."


Saturday, 25 October 2008

Mickey Mouse Burger

Mickey Mouse Burger in Disneyland, Paris.

One of my dear, Avy in Uk sent this picture to me.
I saw it when I was msn-ing with her and she was showing this picture to me!

It cost GBP6+ means MYR30+ for 1 burger.
If it come with set, MYR60++
Hey.. I wish I can have a bite!

Yeah, she told me it's a beef burger which is.. YUMMY!
Omg.. I'm feeling my tummy now. >.<

Picture Below: Mickey Mouse Burger

Picture Below: Avy with Burger

Friday, 24 October 2008

I'm sick

Really can't stand it anymore.
I had this itchiness since few weeks ago but yesterday it getting worst.

I scratch and scratch my hand and leg.
It comes up to my shoulder already!
*Scratch scratch now*

So sad that my beautiful smooth smooth fair fair skin become redness all over. Not that scary la, just that I really sad about it. I felt so....... down because of my skin.. Why..

Today, went to the clinic.
Then, once the doctor look at my hand, he said

" OMG serious liao lo. Why don't come early? "
" Ehhh... *look at mum* "
" Haiya, today she complaint then I know one ", mum said.
" Haiyooo.. *using kaleidoscope* She's allergic leh "
" Do you wanna injection? ", doctor asked.
" K la k la inject. Fast fast cure better ", said me.
" Okay la. Lay on the bed *go off*, said doctor
" Nahh.. doctor wanna inject your pi gu luu ", said mum.
" No la. He want I relax mah ", said me.
" Once doc ask you to lay on bed means he wanna inject your pi gu la! ", said mum.
" Ya mehh.. No la.. ", said me.
"Believe me in this one", said mum.

Few minutes later, Doctor come back
" Come, turn around, I wanna inject your pi gu", said doctor.
" Ohhh...*

Now I need to apply the lotion that doctor gave.
After apply, my skin getting better.

Picture Below: My hand

You know what my sister said this afternoon when she know I injected my butt? She said,"Eh.. I realise that you pi gu very famous one lo. Almost every year also kena inject pantat. Last time in KL kena Chinese way jarum pi gu also"

I thought the itchiness cause by the blood donation that day. Who knows the needle is not clean? Omg lo.. should I need a body check up?

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

How to make Caramel Pudding

Easy job!
Sweet Milk
( I think I missed some ingredients )
To make the caramel, cook the sugar with water only until it gets dry and brown in colour.
At first, the hot caramel will be harden in the bowl.
Then put the filling on top of the harden sugar.
Steam it until it cooked then put it in the fridge.
Wait til it gets cold.
Picture Below: Prepared the fillings

Picture Below: Cooked Sugar til brownishPicture Below: All Set!Picture Below: Preparing to Steam itPicture Below: Served
Yes, at first the sugar underneath was hard but in the end it will become liquid


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Exam Tips

Here are the pictures of attractions for the Exam Tips.
All these pictures are found by Jenette.
So thanks to her okay? and me!!
Belanja minum lagi bagus!


Before this, To view Jordan, Click here
This is the others picture of it.

Picture Below: Roman Amphitheather

Picture Below: Crusader FortressPicture Below: Greco Roman RuinsPicture Below: Bethany
Picture Below: Swayambhunath Temple
Picture Below: Royal Palace Picture Below: Royal Chitwan National ParkPicture Below: Durbar Square Kathmandu

Picture Below: Marmaris
Picture Below: Haya Sophia Picture Below: Cappadocia Picture Below: Bodrum Picture Below: The Blue Mosque
Picture Below: PamukalePicture Below: Antalya

Picture Below: Temple of Kun Iam Picture Below: St. Paul Church

Picture Below: Yehliu Picture Below: Yangmingshan Picture Below: Taroko GorgePicture Below: Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Picture Below: National Palace Museum


Some of this picture might not be same as Lecturer's because there are too many pictures of these places. So beware and study smart!