Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Jenette Dad's Birthday

Yesterday was my Dad's Birthday.
Today is Jenette's Dad 62nd Birthday.
So we had a big full fat dinner for this two days.

We had this dinner at Supertanker Restaurant.
"SuperTanker" means that you can fill up all the food in your stomach. Lol.

Really have much fun in today's dinner because Jenette's Dad and my Dad being an Entertainer. When the time we sing Happy Birthday song, Jennette's Dad start to dance and sing. My dad sing as well but clapping by using plates. So my Dad was like the monkey with the gong. Lol.

This time it cost RM460. Wow!
Because they had ordered beer this time.
So Let's see what we have!

Picture Below: Sign board in Restaurant

Picture Below: All DishesPicture Below: Salad PrawnPicture Below: Yi Lan ChickenPicture Below: TohuPicture Below: Soup (Yu Piao Gen)Picture Below: Fish (Jing Xiang Yu Pian)Picture Below: Long Live MeePicture Below: Japanese TofuPicture Below: Pork RibsPicture Below: Uncle's Birthday Cake

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