Saturday, 18 October 2008


Wonderful Yesterday with Body Shop

Didn't update on time that what had happened on 17 October 2008..
Now, This is the Part 1
Picture Below: Me, before doing anything
This is Dedicated to Meatball..

Yesterday morning, we followed Miss Corinna's student for the Body Shop Workshop in Merdeka. Reached there by 8.30am and started at 9am. Most of the students, I mean.. All of the students are from DTM just.. they are all seniors. Wow.. lol.

So, I thought we gonna be pampered by letting Body Shop ladies to help us make up. Who know's.. OMG lo. We are the one who cleanse and make up ourselves but it's good. Why? We can learn more right? Haha.

From there, I had learnt how to clean my face by using which product first and the method. So I'll be showing the step to clean your beautiful face.
(I can't show to method of How to clean your face because didn't record any video.. Unless you want me to do it now? But I had captured some pictures from their slides.. Hope it will help..)

Step 1: Cleanse
Cleansing Milk, it is to remove stale make-up, excess sebum, and stubborn dirt. Facial Wash, it double cleanse the skin, and to cleanse excess sebum and dirt.

Step 2: Freshener/ Toner
To remove left over cleanser on the skin, to temporary tighten the pores, refresh the skin, and balance the skin PH.

Step 3: Eye Cream/ Eye Gel
To Moisturise and protect the eye area.

Step 4: Moisturiser
To moisturise the skin keeping it soft and smooth, and to protect the skin from the damaging effect of the environment.

Step 5: Sun Protector
To protect the skin from UV rays and protect skin from fluorescent lights & computer monitor which emit some form of UV rays.

As for the Weekly Skincare Regime (twice a week)
Step 1: Cleanse
Step 2: Scrub to remove dead skin
Step 3: Mask to deep cleanse the skin
Step 4: Tone and Moisturise the skin as usual

Picture Below: The form of defining which skin type you are

Picture Below: The method of face washing and cleaningPicture Below: Method of Applying Eye gelPicture Below: Applied mask on my facePicture Below: My Clean FacePicture Below: Tea Time with Strawberry Black Tea

To be continue...
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