Thursday, 2 October 2008


Pineapple Tart. Secret recipe. Warisan Square. Mango.

Extreme Mixed up POST!

In the morning when I first reach shop, Maria prepared everything for making the Pineapple tart. The Pineapple is made buy her and the preparation as well.

Simple Ingredient!
The biscuit, only need eggs, flour, sugar, and butter.
As for the Pineapple, Maria use to shave it and cook until it gets dry.

Picture Below: Flour, Eggs, Butter with SugarPicture Below: The Pineapple FillingPicture Below: Flour, Sugar, Eggs and Sugar, MixedPicture Below: Gonna-Bake-Pineapple TartPicture Below: Pineapple Tart in OvenPicture Below: Done and Prepare to eat!!!
After this, went to Jenette's house and give some to them and both of our family decided to go for shopping in Warisan!!

At first wanted to Yum cha in Kopitiam but closed. So, Secret Recipe is the one then. Shared this dish with my 2nd sister, Meatball.

Picture Below: Uncle's Chicken Mushroom rice

Picture Below: Jenette's Noodle with Tom Yup SoupPicture Below: Meatball's Chicken Cordon BleuPicture Below: I love Chicken Cordon Bleu! Juicy~ *Slurrrpss*

My mummy bought a beautiful skirt, Jenette's mummy bought some clothes and she love it! Jenette's mum seldom buy clothes or dresses for herself because she mostly will spend on healthy food. Jenette bought one as well which in grey where she can't decide which one she want at first, Lol. My 3rd sister bought something for herself too and I bought a Yellow one for myself! (Maybe will upload it soon)

Then guess what we saw? The shopping mall nearly flood? No la.. Only the rain water came in to the shopping mall which means the tauke all rugi.. Need to mop, check the stock whether it is wet or dry.. rugi..

Picture Below: Warisan Square in Rain WaterLastly, we went for dinner in Mango again. Thailand food in Mango. I did introduce it in my older post- Dinner at Mango.

Jenette and I played something in the end when we are waiting for our parents. See below then!
Picture Below: Tiny Jenette *kekekke*

Picture Below: Chloe Tiffany exhausted

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