Monday, 20 October 2008


Extreme Presentation

Today, we had done two presentation per group.
My group presented the Japan and China.

Japan, we pretend that our company is promoting the Japan trips. Nothing to say much about this section because we are doing normal presentation. You all can have a look in my brochure. Click here. While the China, we are doing the role play.

Here, I really want to thanks my group member for being my group member. We really had a great time to practice together in SOHAT Restaurant and I really love to be your 'father' haha. Jenette really look like mummy! Mummy sing lehh!!


Well Ah Son, you really have to be brave and speak out loud when presenting because the marks goes to you, not others. So, gambatte! Hahaha. As for Man Man, don't forget ah.. it's "She like to live there" hahha. Hui Ling can memorize all.. I can't even memorize so good. Haha.

Here I would like to give my group member a phrase of words..
"Practice make perfect!"

After the presentation, we all gone wild.
Yes.. The presentation area became the dance floor where some students was dancing out there. I don't even know why and how I will go out and dance. It's weird. Maybe my foot gone wild when listen to songs.

More to say, Jenette said "It's good to release stress".
But.. in front of all the classmates?
OMG... what happen to me?
Gone Wild.. First time First time..

I'm wearing my high heels while doing the dance.
More to say, I really donno how to dance... +_+
I just follow the beat and do the move.
The first move, I was dancing with the girl in the video.
Then those who are in class, saw it of course.

For those who haven't watch, they curious and they wanted to see how I beat the first guy. By that time, many students started to request for dance challenge. Yeap, girls and guys. The lecturer also keep on asking me to accept the request. So I did.

Here is a video clip of the second time of challenging the guys. In the end, everyone laughed. You know why?
Try to guess it by leaving comments. Then I announce it.
Oh ya! Don't laughed me when you see me dance because I really really really donno how.

During that time, the Lecturer keep saying
"Fight Fight.. Lawan lawan! Cepat! Lawan!"
So I was like KungFu Girl started kicking.
I let my mum, sisters and Maria to watch it and they said that I was like Kungfu-ing not dancing. Haha.. Well, I just know how to Wushu. Don't know how to dance. That's why. Lol!!

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