Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My Article on Rumah Terbalik

I have written an article about Rumah Terbalik, the Upside Down House of Borneo, months ago. Well, it’s actually last month. It was in Breeze Magazine February Issue. On the same month, I have been featured on the front cover of Breeze Magazine as the Sabah Young Tourism Ambassador. Will show you guys soon for that, slowly.

Here, I would love to share my articles about the Rumah Terbalik, located at Tamparuli. Well, you can always view it from my Facebook.

Just to share my experience on that day.

I really drove myself and my friends there just to write about this piece of art. I did write my experience of how I drove there all the way from town. It was fun and exciting, because this is the first Rumah Terbalik / Upside Down House in Borneo. I love the extraordinary idea of creating this attraction as we are creating more in promoting tourism in our country.

Anyway, I can’t believe the owner of the Rumah Terbalik told everyone that my article actually helps him to launch Rumah Terbalik. It’s a blessed that I am able to help. I’m honoured.
"This was the first article ever on Rumah Terbalik and it single handedly launched RT and told the rest of Sabah that an upside down house existed. Thank you very much ;)"
I will update some of their pictures soon on my next post about Rumah Terbalik / Upside Down House in Borneo! Don't forget to follow me on my Facebook for more info on Sabah destinations and attractions ;)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New Track in town

Healthy Lifestyle starts from the beginning.

Most of the people would prefer to go to the gym; some people still prefer the old ways. For me, I love outdoor exercises. This is a really nice jogging track at Perdana Park, Tanjung Aru. You guys should check this place out. Their night view is wonderful, IF only there is full moon, it will be perfect. Check out the picture on my Facebook that I took the other day when its full moon. I will update more on the location soon! :)

Monday, 26 March 2012

The all new BMW 3 SERIES Sedan 2012

It’s been a long week.
Oh well, last Friday I was sick. I am deadly ill, caught by a deadly fever.

In the morning, I can feel the illness conquering my body once I am all awake and getting ready to bring Thanis for breakfast. Btw, breakfast was goooooood.

So I was trying to feed myself and head straight back to office and work. Kinda feel dizzy but gonna meet clients after that. Even my boss spent me lunch at Bella Restaurant and I can’t finished. WHAT A WASTE. Sorry dear chef, I’m sick. Too sick to eat but I definitely LOVE your lunch box. You guys should check it out.

Well, after that Sherry and I took a long walk because...
We are trying to save fuel + no need to find another parking at the busy town which will make me make more than 3 turns + we are practicing good health.

Reached the office, I’m all DEAD. Took a nap on the couch, what to do? I am trying to HEAL myself, like magic. Once sleep, all gone. *sorry boss if you saw this* But yea, I was a little ok back then and I went back home, scared my parents off because I couldn’t EAT AT ALL, trying to get ready for another event.


The all new BMW 3 Series launching last night at FM Autohaus, Kota Kinabalu.
3 units sold in half an hour!
Dress code: Sporty Chic

Am I well dressed? Or should I ask, PASS OR NOT? Haha!

See more pictures on my Facebook ;)

Well, finally I manage to see Zumba by Michelle Koh. It was good ‘til I can’t manage to take a picture of them doing Zumba because I was too excited. Joseph, from BMW, FM Autohaus, Kota Kinabaluwas busy making sure the shows goes on.

On that night, the first buyer was a girl... who has not seen the 3 SERIES yet and she booked and bought it on that night. She gets to see her car when BMW unveiled the 3 SERIES. Second buyer was 10 minutes after the girl. 20 minutes later, another guy bought the last car on that night.

I hope to get one too... 10 years time.

For more info, check out BMW Malaysia.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How do I started to be a Sabah Young Tourism Ambassador

Well, I am not going to say it here.


Welcome to the Sabah Young Tourism Ambassador's blog!
Three of us will be blogging about our experiences there.


We hope to see you there reading our posts. I have blogged a "Pre-beginning" before I was chosen to be one of the Sabah Young Tourism Ambassadors and how it started. Please click the picture below and read through! ;)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

My New Facebook Page

I know it’s kinda stupid to open anotherFacebook Page because I have over 1000 likes in my current one. To tell the truth, I do worried and felt it is such a waste because I need to start all over again from zero.

I do believe that people are supporting me as they know what I am currently doing.
I do believe that friends are supporting me in everything that I done and still continue.
I do believe that friends from overseas know what my plan is and what I hope for the future.
I do believe in many things more.

That is why I do believe the current ‘likes’ who are my family, friends, and also people who are supporting me from overseas to continue supporting me in my new Facebook Page.

The reason why I wanted to switch to a new account is because of the name changing purposes. Facebook doesn’t allow admin to change their names when they have reached a certain number of ‘likes’.

In this case, let me briefly tell you what I am up to.
I always love to challenge myself and also to experience new things in life. That is why I put myself into a beauty pageant called Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International, while I am still having my final examination to complete my Diploma in Tourism Management. Other than the final examination for my Diploma in INTI College Sabah, I am also holding a position in the student government as the Vice President of INTIMA, Administration and Services, who speaks for the students and also for the college.

After the pageant, I have won several titles which I never expected at all because it was a total experience only that I would like to gain. With these three titles, I believe I can do more to help the people. Yes, I always believe. Miss Nature’s Guardian, Miss Charity, and Miss Popular are the titles that I have given by several companies that are the sponsors. And I start from there...

I joined as a volunteer at the very first to help the people. I agreed to be a model at the very first in the modelling industry. But it’s not enough to make me grow. I see people who joined pageants differently which I don’t want to apply in me. Well, if anyone of you has read about an interview about me by Utusan Borneo, you will know what my opinion thru my whole journey. Only the person, who knows the full story, was the interviewer, Mr. Jamry. And I was shocked when he said, “I see you in me”. Yes, he understands my thoughts and my opinions.

I wish to be a traveller always, and forever. I have always loved to travel and explore the different culture that we have in different continents. I wish to help the people that need helps and I always carries my own principle, which is to help our local community before we go further.

My dream is big, but I do believe with support, I will grow and we can improve.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Official Opening of Rumah Terbalik

Just came back from Rumah Terbalik (The Upside Down House in Borneo) for their launching. Well, if you want to know what and where is Rumah Terbalik, you gonna check on my Facebook site at .

Let’s talk about the launching just now.
Well, we were late due to the traffic jam and it was raining heavily. Plus, my eye sight is bad during the night. So it’s a triple problem to me and I have two friends following my car. I need to be careful while driving.

Lucky enough, we managed to reach there in time to catch the session whereby Token of Appreciations was given to the Guest of Honours and VIPs.

Same rules, we can’t take pictures of the interior building. At least we can take pictures outside. Indeed, visiting the Rumah Terbalik at night portrays a different view than the one in the morning. At night, the ambience made us feel warm and welcomed. Of course, both are beautiful. Well, you just have to visit and see for yourself to find out the different environment.

Accompanied by Jazz Music, I can’t believe I met Rene, Asif, my lil brother Kevin, and Appy. Well, funny thing about Appy. We met before, but we kinda forgot. When I start a conversation with him by saying “I think we met before” and he said “You look familiar”. Then it goes...

“Have you sang in Shamrock before”
“Have you sang with a girl before there?”
“Did you sing Quando Quando Quando with that girl before?”
“I think that’s me.”
And memories came back, we burst out laughing. Nice to meet you again Appy!

I ended up talking with lots of people and I am glad to know a few new friends too! Anyway, I get a chance to get away from work, having some drinks while enjoying the jazz music. Bliss! Great night and thanks to the organizers who invited us!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Bella promotion on every Wednesday in March

Last night I had my dinner at Bella Restaurant, formerly known as Bella Italia at Jesselton Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.

Bella Restaurant is having their promotion on every Wednesday in March. You can either get a Beef Lasagna, Beef Spaghetti, Fettuccine Carbonara, and Ravioli of the day for RM8.88++ per dish! Yes. I even Foursquare about it, uploaded picture in my Facebook, and wow. It is a hot news in town!

Well, since it was the first week of Wednesday, why not? Check out ‘ma food!

We tried three dishes which are the Beef Lasagna, Fettuccine Carbonara and Ravioli of the day and warm water. Guess how much we paid? RM30+ only.

Fettuccine Carbonara was okay, maybe because I love tomato more than white sauce. Ravioli, love it! You can taste the fillings wrapped inside the al dente ravioli skins, perfect tomato paste. But for me, the winning dish is the Beef Lasagna. Why? You should try it and find out for yourself. ;)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Welcoming the New Year 2012

It took me five minutes to think what should I blog about...
Well, I know that lately I have been busy and didn’t update my blog. So I have decided to tell you what had happened during my New Year eve. Yes, I know I am way back behind but it’s a good memory to share J

Anyway, this is how we celebrate.

Daddy came out with this crazy idea that all daughter should come up with a dish. Either you make it or you buy it, its okay. Daddy just wanted to find out do we have his gift. So each daughter really thought about one or two recipes. Let’s see one by one...

Eldest sister bought Lasagna from Little Italy because it’s mom’s favourite dish.
Second sister made an ice cream cake.
Third sister made mash potato.
And I did something healthy and light which was pasta and some appetizer made from tomato with some herbs and cheese.
Oh, of course, mom did lamb chop.

Other than us, we have our family friends to join us that night. So we have pizza as well as chicken wings.

Well, that’s about it. Lovely night! It is an extraordinary sharing moment at home and we countdown peacefully. Of course, we end up with wine and liquor just to have a little celebration feeeeeel.

Please let me know how did you celebrate your New Year because I know I am... 'gone' for sometime. Haha!

Beautiful Moon Tonight

Well, today was quite a stressful day for me but I ended with looking at a beautiful bright full moon while I was releasing and had a jog in the park just now. Thank you, God for this wonderful blessing. Hope you all love it too. 
Now, head out to your gate and have a look too!

Taken by my Samsung.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Taken from my travel blog: Sunnies on the Road as I am leaving it and continue to blog about travel here.

“We bring you closer to nature” – Protect our Wildlife

The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is about 25km from the capital, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
It is easily accessible by either Old Penampang-Papar Road via Donggongon Town or Putatan-Papar Road.
These are all the animals that you can witness in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park.
Birds, Civets, Clouded Leopard, Chittal, Deer, Elephants, Serval, Nilgai, Cassowary, Ostrich, Reptile, Sun Bear, Malayan Tiger, Orang Utans, other Primates, Bear Cat, Proboscis Monkey, Squirrel Monkey, Ring Tailed Lemur, Miniature Horse, Ankole, Banteng, Barking Deer, Emu & Rhea, Gibbon, and Otter.
Other than visiting all kinds of animals, there will be an Animal Show in the Amphitheatre. Visitors get to seat down and chill a little while. If the weather is too hot for you and you are all sweating, yes you can bring some soft drinks to the Amphitheatre but you will be responsible for it (throw to the rubbish bin lah). 

In the Animal Show, please try to participate in the games that will be offered by the handsome speaker because there will be a gift or award from the management of Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. What more to say here? I think I just let you guys to discover the excitement yourself. Here are some of the pictures during the show.

© Sunnies on the Road

How I go to the destination?
In this case, I drove my way up to The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park from the Old Penampang- Papar Road via Donggongon Town since I am a local Sabahan. Well, driving there is really easy for me, even by driving a small car because there is not much of turnings and so. Anyway, if you are not from Sabah and not sure how to go to the destination (trust me, you will get confuse for the name of the places because it is the Native Language), you can always take a tour packages from here. Or, just email me if there is anything.

What do you need to bring along?
Definitely your camera (you don’t want to miss by snapping everything), a cap would be nice, shades or sun glasses, maybe sun block for the ladies because you might get a little sunburn (oh yeah).

These are some information that you might need to know...
Elephant Ride at the Children’s Zoo
Weekends, School Holidays & Public Holiday
1000hrs – 1100hrs & 1400hrs – 1500hrs
RM5.00 per head
Purchase your ticket at the Ticketing Counter

Animal Show in the Amphitheatre
Every day except Friday
1100hrs & 1515hrs
Animal Feeding Sessions
1020hrs – Bornean Elephant
1400hrs – Malayan Sun Bear
1405hrs – Malayan Tiger
1415hrs – Orang Utan

1425hrs – Gibbon & Otter
1435hrs – Proboscis Monkey

Every day starting at Visitor Centre
1000hrs, 1115hrs, 1400hrs & 1515hrs
RM2.00 per person
Purchase your ticket at the Ticketing Counter

Entrance Fees
Visitors 18 years old and above
Malaysian Citizen: RM10.00
Non- Malaysian Citizen: RM20.00

Visitors 3 until 17 years old
Malaysian Citizen: RM5.00
Non- Malaysian Citizen: RM10.00

Senior citizens (60 years old and above)
Malaysian Citizen Only


Monday, 5 March 2012

An advise from a wise man.

Last two week, I met this wise man and he advised me after knowing I have tons of works on hand.

Well, sometimes I just don’t want others to know who the author is in a certain sites or who is the person in charge in an organization, who is the person who is helping who... I could say, it is my interest to touch different subjects and wonderful moments in my life.

The person that I met last two weeks is actually a wise employer of a company. He asked me, “Why do you need so many accounts when you need to ‘sell’ yourself?” Well, the meaning of selling myself is not in a bad way but it’s in a good way, which currently I am actually the Sabah Young Tourism Ambassador (if some of you know) and why do I have to cover myself and not letting the current readers of mine in my travel blog, to know I am the person who writes about the local destinations here in Sabah, Land Below the Wind.

What he said was true. I love to travel and write about places that I have been to. I even love to write about the events that I have attended or joined. I love basically everything and I believe sharing my words thru love is the most wonderful thing in our life.

Here, is the confession.
Sunnieson the Road, is my travel blog.
MyVoices for Changes is another blog of mine, which I write about how I feel of the current situation in our country that related to environment and charity.

After my conversation with him, I decided to leave both Sunnies on the Road and MyVoices for Changes. Of course, I will continue blog about what I blogged in both blogs. But, it will be in this blog, Faith. Hope. Love. Care [Chloe].

I hope all of you will support me for my write ups and now I am building my FacebookPage as a journalist for my blogs. Please support by clicking like and share to your friends.

Love and support,
Chloe Tiffany Lee

Presenting my personal logo

After so many years of blogging, now it’s the time that I think it’s suitable for me to have a logo. It’s been 5 years that I blogged and of course I will keep blogging.

Thanks to Fain for designing this piece of art. I love it so much. <3

Now, tell me what you think about my logo! There are actually 3 designs from her. Please vote which one is the best to be include in my pictures. Your comments are important for me before I start using it for my upcoming posts.

Let’s start voting!

The First One

The Second One
The Third One

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Kota Kinabalu Food Fest (KK Food Fest) 2012

Went to Kota Kinabalu Food Fest Press Conference the other day at English Tea House, Perdana Park. Yes, English Tea House had moved from Jesselton Point to Perdana Park. Check them out because it’s really a beautiful location! Will blog about Perdana Park soon in my upcoming post. ;)

Alright, back to KK Food Fest Press Conference.
The Kota Kinabalu Food Festival is an annual event that aims to encourage greater standards in the food and beverage industry and to stimulate patronage of local restaurants. This year it runs from 3rd to 18th March. It will be a 2 week fiesta including a Closing Cocktail and Award Presentation ceremony which is by invitation only, to present the People's Choice Award to the winners. This award is determined by a panel of judges and collective votes from the general public (30% if I’m not mistaken).

What to expect for this year's food fest?
-    30 Festival Restaurants (a 50% increase from last year's 20)
-    14 exciting Fringe Events (in 2011, there were only 4)
-    The return of the popular 'Stamp and Win' Contest where frequent diners will be rewarded with a chance to win fantastic prizes!

The reason you will need this magazine is to get a chance to participate in the ‘Stamp and Win’ Contest. This is to create another atmosphere for the public to dine in at all participating restaurants and try out their Festival Menus. Of course, publics are able to join the Fringe Events as well. Grab any copies of the KK Food Fest magazine at each of the festival's 30 participating restaurants.

For more details, please visit KK FoodFest Facebook. Now, grab your own KK Food Fest Magazine for FREE!

Now is the time for foodie moment!

and lastly... Sabrina and Me for Bloggers in Borneo <-- check us out!