Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My May and June

It’s been a while..
Yeah I know it and I’m here to say sorry for no updates this few weeks! I guess almost a month isn’t it? Hmm… I guess I have to start blogging again but I think it’s only for today because I have lots of test and assignments and the final examinations is just around the block.

Actually tomorrow there’s a test going on in the morning but it has been cancelled and that’s why I want to blog it all to you guys! There is a talk from the Tourism Board both from Sabah and Malaysia. So, we asked for postpone in our test and Miss C approved. Thanks to her! I think it is a good opportunity to listen as it is related to tourism. Thanks to Miss Venezuela for telling us about it. If she didn’t come to our class this afternoon, we might not know about this talk. I love you miss and in fact, I miss your class.

Now, today I would love to update about…
Oh ya! Before that, I told you all about Mari Mari Cultural Village right? Erm.. Can I extend? Haha. Because there are too many pictures and I wanted to make it in to a video so that you all can see it all. I can’t upload all of the pictures here because it’s really too much of it. So, I might need time to do this. Perhaps after final exams? It’s going to be on the mid of August. Please wait! Lots of things you can learn about Sabah Culture! Really!

Picture Below: Mari Mari Cultural Village
So, here I also want to include that my boyfriend, Aldrich has been back from Kuching, Sarawak on the 29 June midnight. I know it’s a bit late to tell this. I really have so much to do! And I feel sorry that I couldn’t really spend time with him this time. He just sits beside me and waits until I finished up my stuffs or else I will study for my test and he played my lappy. I’m sorry baby and I love you. P/s: He’s tougher now than before but still I’m tougher than he is! Believe me, I can carry him up without his foot on the floor. Right, baby?

Picture Below: Aldrich and I
Oh ya! There’s some more. Inti Night just over on the 4th July 2009 and I took pictures at that night. The theme in a masquerade night but there are only few people who were wearing their mask. It’s a little hard for us to eat while having the mask on our face. But it was fun that night because it’s only my first time attending Inti Night. Not much of the pictures of the whole situation but I did sing on the stage. LOL! Don’t ask me for the video but pictures, sure can. I will upload it here or making it to a video. By the way, I sang ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus. Today, I saw the school stick a page of the newspaper ‘Sabah Times’ publishes about Inti Night and OH! I SAW ME! Lol.. Can’t really see my face but I can recognize my dress haha.

Picture Below: My Mask
Anyway, one of my best and close friend, Jackson who I blogged about earlier in my blog, he had graduated from MiddleSex University London. I’m happy for him and huggies for you dear! Before that he told me he was afraid that he couldn’t pass but in my mind he’s a brilliant guy. He asked me whether I could attend his graduation or visit him while his family was going as well but I can’t. Now, he’s like having tours all around UK and I’m jealous of him so so much! But then, he told me that it’s like I’m with him all day even though I’m not walking with him in London. Uhhh… *hugs*and the bad news from him is that, the wallet that I bought for him was stolen. Well, it’s ok dear. You didn’t get hurt, it’s ok.

Picture Below: Jackson in Stonehenge
More to say, another best and close friend of mine, Caren, she is my dear as well. She is in a relationship now and I’m happy for her too. For so many years and for sudden that she told me about thinking a guy and love him. Finally her mind had cleared and moves on. Stay strong my dear, and don’t be hesitate to tell me everything. Remember, I’m your Sakura and you are my Kero. *Muaks* Let is do the brainstorm together and don’t keep it all in yourself. You need someone to talk to as well just like the human needs air to breath.

After that, it was all the assignments and test just boom out day by day rushing up for works, discussions, thinking of lots and lots of things. I do miss my friends and I miss you all. I know I’m always reply comments later than the date you had sent. Sorry about it. Forgive?

I didn’t realize that I typed this long!
I think it’s because I get used to type those assignments.
Blame the assignments that I was like became 38 aunt.
Are you guys able to read it all or ….? HAHA!