Thursday, 14 May 2009


Nasi Pataya

When you have a bad day, you couldn't just solve it just like that right?

There might be things that you need to plan, settle, and hit on.

I'm in a middle of 'thinking' some 'situation'
That I shouldn't be thinking of.
Don't ask me why because I am not going to say it because it is too complicated and I really don't understand why is that.
Confusing yet Hoping.

Well I wanna say is that,
Since you have a bad day and nobody knows and your face can't tell or show it. Then suddenly you ordered a Nasi Pataya. At first, you were there thinking of how to solve those problem which is concurring your mind and suddenly your Nasi Pataya came.

When you look at it, your mind will be full of question marks and laughter.

Now before you scroll down, I let you know where to get this. Its at the restaurant just beside my college in Putatan named Sempelang RSSB.

Here's the picture

Picture Below: Nasi Pataya

Who wouldn't smile or laugh when you see this on your meal?


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