Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Stick and WIN!

This happened in One Borneo and Warisan Square!
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!
You know?
I really wanna win this MyV for myself.
I hope to get a car, and pimp it nicely and wonderfully.

If I say,
If I won, I pimp the MyV to pink colour how?
I want it to be baby pink. Haha!
Then, make it like a princess.
Not only princess, I want to make it to an angel.
Haha.. Possible?

But last time when I was in my secondary,
I love cars which are in black.
Maybe black? Dark angel. Lol...

Putting curtains inside and putting the things that it shake its head right and left. So Cute!

See this!
I give out THREE 'passports' to win those prizes!
Who knows... MyV is mine?
Picture Below: Stick stick and stick!

Picture Below: Finished stick? Write your details!Picture Below: 3 of it was mine and 1 of them was MeiTzeu's

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