Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Tom Yam for Lunch

Had an early lunch today because Miss Rovena (from Venezuela. lol.) is letting us to have a "relax week" as what she said in the morning. Guess she's letting us to have a tough week for next week.

Today I have Tom Yam in a very very hot day.
Hope I won't get sick.
I had my lunch at the place where I will have my lunch daily.
This is the most cleanest restaurant of all to compare to the others cause all of the old restaurants have rats and insects. There is once my friend seen a cockroach on the "bao"
I spent $7.80 for my lunch today. So expensive..
But I have Broccoli in it ^.^ Love it!
And it is sour + spicy.

Picture Below: Tom Yam

Picture Below: Syrup Bandung (before stir)

Today, is a non teaching day for Miss Rovena. We didn't even open our books today and we was just looking at video of the seniors who had done their presentation few months back. Can't believe it will be recorded. Means, when it comes to our turn, we will be recorded as well?

She's trying to give us hits that what kind of presentation she loves and if you disobey her, you will get what you never expected.

So guess all the guys and gals now have new ideas?
Good luck everyone!

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