Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Busy days keep coming!!

Why this happenning when the time we have lots of work to do? More and more work!! and we become... more lazy? Lol.
Shouldn't act that way actually..
But currently i'm on diet and I can't do too many work cause loss energy..

The assignment.. Argh!
First there's Gaya Street thingy to do.
Other name of this is Sunday Market.
We choose this because the tourism industry didn't make a pretty brochure for this place but at least there's information about this place in the internet!

Here's the Website of Sabah Tourism Board

I had attach some of my work below.
Some of the pictures I get it myself and some are from the internet.
Please do give me a comment!

Now, end of that here comes the stress of examination.
Adding on assignments.. Again!

Today, Miss Venezuela telling us that we should start our revisions and she stress us in this week for next week. In Management we get a new assignment which we need to present it tomorrow. Sudden task!

On Friday, here comes the Paris and MS!

Lastly, TADA! Final..
Stress stress stress...

Here's the pictures of the Gaya Street Thingy
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