Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Bella Italia in Jesselton Hotel

Have dinner with Aldrich that day in Jesselton Hotel.
A Hotel since 1954.

It was a tiring day for us and especially him who keep on drive here and there. His leg cramped and still he need to drive. OMG.. >.<

Well, while we are searching something in town we felt hungry and don't know what to eat. Then we park around the town area and we have a short walk in town. We saw 50% off in Jesselton Hotel.

Yups, he told me before this.
We check on the price outside the Hotel and it's affordable for us.
We walked in and have a seat.
He choose the pizza and I chose the Pasta.

Two things is actually enough for us.

Here you go..
Picture Below: Pizza (Toppings choose ourselves)

Picture Below: Pasta

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