Saturday, 19 July 2008


Little Italy

Went for a try in Little Italy as I had mention it few days ago after taking the tasting meal at Frantini's.

This time, really have to admit that Little Italy are the one! The sause of all the meals are totally homemade! No cans food!

Many people was there although it was in the afternoon. People who are having Business Talk, Foreigners, Families, Jenette and Me! But I forgot what food we ordered so can't mention those names here.

Picture Below: Drinks, Cranberry and Green Apple
Picture Below: Carot Soup. ( Look like Teh C )
Picture Below: Jenette's
Picture Below: Same as Above (to see the beef inside)
Picture Below: Same as Above (showing meat inside the meatball)
Picture Below: Mine !
Picture Below: My Love
Picture Below: Same as Above
Picture Below: Same as Above ( filled with Tabasco)
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