Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Bella Italia in Jesselton Hotel

Have dinner with Aldrich that day in Jesselton Hotel.
A Hotel since 1954.

It was a tiring day for us and especially him who keep on drive here and there. His leg cramped and still he need to drive. OMG.. >.<

Well, while we are searching something in town we felt hungry and don't know what to eat. Then we park around the town area and we have a short walk in town. We saw 50% off in Jesselton Hotel.

Yups, he told me before this.
We check on the price outside the Hotel and it's affordable for us.
We walked in and have a seat.
He choose the pizza and I chose the Pasta.

Two things is actually enough for us.

Here you go..
Picture Below: Pizza (Toppings choose ourselves)

Picture Below: Pasta

Love is in the Air

Took this picture when i'm in the car with my parents and big sister after we have a walk in One Borneo.
It was like a flying love
We should love our own country just like the sky show their love to us. LOL.
I love my Family, Dears and Friends.
I love you Aldrich~
If I can make a love in the air, sure you will "lam seii" haha

Monday, 28 July 2008

Presentation Done!!

Finally Finally.. Jenette and I spend lots of effort in this Assignment.
Yups, Money money money. You see, print out all the slides in colour need money, not only the slides but the project paper as well. We have added on something interesting which will not let the people get bored.

At first we are so energetic to prepare everything and keep do the paper work in no time. Then, when Miss Venezuela didn't ask for the work, we put it aside and focus on other subject. Haha but every week we will still take out sometime to see whether is there any thing to add on or change.

As the due date getting nearer, we are so excited and nervous. Jenette house was our place for meeting and planning.
Plan how the greetings will be, the talking, the expression.. and I felt GREAT!
Yups, she have a car which ease our assignment very very much!

We drove everywhere to find something that can be suit to our work. Taking pictures, Dressing up.. and we bought a blouse which was the same but only hers in white and mine was in black. Sometimes it really conquered our mind till all what we saw or think was only Paris but we spend lots of time together and we enjoy it!
But on the day we presented which is Today, Monday.
We're almost late and Why? I stayed overnight in Jenette House and eat maggie there which is very very delicious although it was only maggie.. I love maggie >.<
Afterthat, we went to take our cake in Coffee Bean, Chocolate Fudge Cake. Before we're out from Jenette's house, we try to think is there anything need to add on or anything. Then we think about the Greetings part where we decided to greet in French "Bonjour" and bow down as Jenette is a Female and I'm the Male. Lol. Good idea haha. In addition, we thought about the Rose where I bow down as a Male to give a rose to Miss Venezuela while Jenette need to play the Music Box that I bought in One Utama. (Will Show it in a video for you all)

Okay, after the cake, we went to another place to buy rose. Our presentation was 10am and while we're still buying rose, it was 9.30am (I guess). So we are so Panic!
We drove fast but safely. (Shh..Don't tell)

At this time, we get a call. Nope. I think while I'm buying rose, Jenette got a call from one of our friend. She need our help but we can't make it. Really sorry about it if you read my blog now. We're really in the rush my dear. So can't help it to turn a big round to that place and take your order.

We reached school straight at 10am and wearing our high heels to run up to the first floor. Lucky is not in the 3rd floor. Miss Venezuela face didn't give any smiles and that stress both of us so much. All of the presenters confuse in which team are going to present first. We forgotten we are the second one. Lol yet we thought we are the second one. So China go first, then Paris, Japanese and lastly Mexico.

I think Paris is the most interesting one.
Not to say it is Jenette and My work.
Is because some of them really speak out to me that we're really prepared and lots of ideas.
When they claps their hands, I can feel that it was a clap with joy and satified!
Some more, some of them really read it from the slides.

Oh ya! I have to say this. You know when is the time I wanted to give the rose to Miss Venezuela? Is actually in the last few slides but there is some technical problem. The plug went off from the notebook and lucky...
Really lucky that I didn't get Panic.
Thanks to Tar College!!! haha..

If someone gets panic at that time, the marks will totally get deducted. I saw Miss Venezuela smile when I can suit the disaster part.
Lucky that we have the rose. Then straight away we need to change our plan that the rose come first before the slide.
Jenette signal me to give the rose at the time.

Then I say..
"Okay. While we having a technical problem, let's see here. I have a rose.. (Showing the rose to everyone).. Which normally, the guys in Paris will give the lady when they are in love (walking towards Miss Venezuela).. *someone blocking me and I can't go in to Miss Venezuela is sitting*.. Excuse me handsome guy (laught).. (Walking near to Miss Venuzuela and kneel down on my knees to hand over the rose).."

Thank you.. said Miss Venezuela with her eyes big and shy.
Wow.. When I listen the way Miss Venezuela say thank you..
I guess if I'm really a guy, she'll totally melt. Lol.
Hey... Really will melt you know?
Lol.. I long for this one..
If Aldrich did this to me in public and it was in a restaurant,
Or to say any other guy do this to you.. how?
Omg.. I will be totally speechless.. not even a "thank you" can come out from my mouth.

It was a succesful presentation tho..
Thanks to God!!
Thanks to my Family which let me to stay a night in Jenette house.
and of course Family include Jenette and Her Family to fill my empty tummy.
Thanks to my Friends who always support me..
Thanks to Aldrich too for being my love one!

Oh ya.. Left lots of Cakes in the end and we decided to give one to Miss Corinna!
Pictures Below: Represent us and our funny faces

Picture Below: Chocolate Fudge from Coffee Bean
Picture Below: While we are waiting for Miss Corinna

Viva la Parista!!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Chicken Pie

Having.. Supper in Secret Recipe with Aldrich.

Don't know what to eat and I heard that Jenette's mum which is my Aunt love the pie but she love the spicy one and Secret Recipe didn't serve anything else but only cakes and pies. Somemore they already set what can be eat after 10pm. No Choice. >.<

Picture Below: The name

Picture Below: Whole Piece

Picture Below: Cut to Half

Picture Below: See the inside

Picture Below: The Layers
Can you see how good it is?

The whole pie was filled with chicken and not just a little but it's many and it's HUGE! This can be a dinner rather than eating rice everyday. The juicy sauce from the pie.. OMG.. hot and deliciuos..

Yummy! Am I making you hungry? Lol.

Goodbye Malaysia Hello London!

JACKSON My best and closest boy de friend haha left Malaysia on the 19 July 2008.

Post this late lol.. So so late.

He is so excited to go to the new place.
Buying stuff having shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur, packing stuffs until the luggage over-weight, he even help me install and upgrade my lappy before he go. Now he was having a great time in London.. cooking, sight seeing, searching for part time..
Hmm.. Oh ya!
I bought this to him before he go and I Surprised him!

He didn't and NEVER realise that I put the present on my seat when we are off the car to my house. All the way home, I was thinking of where to hide the present but can't.. So decided to put on the seat.

Before that, I was carrying the present in my bag to movie with him. Lol.
Haven't really find a place to hide actually.
Then after that we straight to home.
Suddenly he forgot the external hard disc.. OMG.
I can't let him take that if not he'll see the present.
So I say
"Haiya.. U forgot the external hard disc oh (walking fast to car)"

Lucky Lucky
Then he help me install software till 3am.. haha.
I slept by sitting on the chair in study room and
he said that "Yer.. U slept like an old granny".
Really miss those days!
Even in All Saints!
Where we always shout and beat each other.
Just like wanna kill each other.
Hide all places.
Yeah.. he loves to escape class.
The very last event you bring me.. (Candid Pic)
Le Meridien - Bridal Fair
The very last movie we watch -
Journey to the centre of the earth
We went to the GSC in city and Cinema 3 which we have to walk the stairs. Real Scary. Holding Tight!! *Praying Praying*..

The very Last Fat Food we eat together..
Lasagna in Secret Recipe
Ahh.. suddenly something come to my mind.
I miss the Foreign money you gave me!!
So unlucky that I lost my Purse.. urgh!
Save some Pounds for me!! Lol

I miss You!!

New place in Kota Kinabalu

Sorry for the late updates.. muuaahhaha..
Was too busy for those assignments from Miss Venezuela.

Now let's see..
This is a new place in Kota Kinabalu where you can walk along the seaside but now it's still in construction. It used to be the old Jetty.
Picture Below: Peoples
Picture Below: The Front View
Picture Below: The View with Boat
Picture Below: The Airplane Passing By

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Little Italy

Went for a try in Little Italy as I had mention it few days ago after taking the tasting meal at Frantini's.

This time, really have to admit that Little Italy are the one! The sause of all the meals are totally homemade! No cans food!

Many people was there although it was in the afternoon. People who are having Business Talk, Foreigners, Families, Jenette and Me! But I forgot what food we ordered so can't mention those names here.

Picture Below: Drinks, Cranberry and Green Apple
Picture Below: Carot Soup. ( Look like Teh C )
Picture Below: Jenette's
Picture Below: Same as Above (to see the beef inside)
Picture Below: Same as Above (showing meat inside the meatball)
Picture Below: Mine !
Picture Below: My Love
Picture Below: Same as Above
Picture Below: Same as Above ( filled with Tabasco)

Debate Time

Miss Corinna wanted to have a debate between the students. For my group, we have not prepared anything yet but Jenette and the other group prepared and they decided to have the debate first. Shameness, laughters are here. Let's see who are the one..

Well.. Oten give a big smile.. haha

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Frantini's Linguine d Mare!


Had a break in Frantini's Restaurant with Jenette this afternoon to have a taste on the Linguine d Mare! Not special as I thought actually maybe because we can cook almost the same taste by ourselves?
But lucky we just ate that for MYR10 cause we had a 50% discount from the actual price which was MYR20.

Here's the Video!
Aww.. can you see the Shrimp, Muscle?

Busy days keep coming!!

Why this happenning when the time we have lots of work to do? More and more work!! and we become... more lazy? Lol.
Shouldn't act that way actually..
But currently i'm on diet and I can't do too many work cause loss energy..

The assignment.. Argh!
First there's Gaya Street thingy to do.
Other name of this is Sunday Market.
We choose this because the tourism industry didn't make a pretty brochure for this place but at least there's information about this place in the internet!

Here's the Website of Sabah Tourism Board

I had attach some of my work below.
Some of the pictures I get it myself and some are from the internet.
Please do give me a comment!

Now, end of that here comes the stress of examination.
Adding on assignments.. Again!

Today, Miss Venezuela telling us that we should start our revisions and she stress us in this week for next week. In Management we get a new assignment which we need to present it tomorrow. Sudden task!

On Friday, here comes the Paris and MS!

Lastly, TADA! Final..
Stress stress stress...

Here's the pictures of the Gaya Street Thingy