Monday, 7 July 2008


Sabah Land Below the Wind

Why youngsters always have on mind that
" Malaysia is not a good place to find money ".
Who gives them such thinking?
If you don't support your know country, how we gonna improve?

We have to love our country first.
Perhaps we are the one who need to bring a brighter future.

When I was young, people tent to say that
" Study hard hard ah.. then be a good and educated person ".
Which was okay, studied, worked, but.. not in our own country. Of course you have to spread your knowledge to your own country for what you have learnt no matter where you graduated. People have to tell us what they seen in the other places so that we are not lack behind. They can share to improve us.

Yeah.. Thinking back what we had learnt on the last Friday.
Sir says that why we can't write that we are "Bangsa Malaysia" mean Malaysian Citizen but everyone write themselve as
Race: Malay/ Chinese/ Indian/ Others
This is what we learnt on Friday.
"Obstacles To National Intergration"
1. Prejudice
2. Communalism
3. Ethnocentrism
Prejudice is a pre-judgement action.
Communalism is the attitude of favouring one's own ethnic community.
Ethnocentrism is refer to the belief that one's own culture is superior to that of others.
Why ah..?

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