Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hari Raya Celebration

Although Hari Raya started a few weeks ago, our classmates who are staying in their new house now invited us all to their house for a Hari Raya visiting!

Their house is nice! It’s a bungalow.
Quite far from school and I think about… 25 minutes of walking distance? Not sure of it…

They cooked themselves! Wow! Nice foods and yummy!
The kuih muih (cookies) also individually done by each of them.
One of the kuih muih… Oh my. I love it!
Can you believe that I hug that cookie and eat ? HAHA!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

HK Singers came to church!

It’s church again!

This time, Hong Kong singers came to Kota Kinabalu and visit Good Samaritan Church.
They sang, joke, play games with us as well.
Can you recognize who are them?
Anyway, the only bad incident happened on that night.
Is that it rains heavily in sudden.
The wind blows on the location that we took each singer’s then most of us who are there became wet and our hair became messy!

Maybe I should include some videos of them singing?

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Durian Durian~

This is one of our local fruit!
Our King of fruit!
Very great taste with a bad smell for somebody. But for me and my family, OMG!
It’s hard to open… I don’t dare to open myself.
I always wait until I have chance to eat you know? Haha

There are white and yellow flesh actually depend of each taste.
I love the white flesh because it's more milky and it's more yummy!!

Picture Below: Love Love Shape Durian!!

Friday, 25 September 2009

INTIMA Beach Outing

We went to Tanjung Aru 1st Beach not to celebrate or play but to increase and build our friendship.
So, we decided to make a pot luck style of ‘picnic’.
Had lots of fun there specially we were planning on pushing one another and bury in the sand. More, during the times when we wanted to take a perfect snap of jumping!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Mosaic of Hyatt Regency

Hello there!
So this is Mosaic where my babe and I went.
Mosaic is located at Hyatt Regency which is at the road side with glass windows and doors. Just before you turn right as you wanted to walk to the lobby. More, Mosaic is under Hyatt Regency as well.

Mosaic is a nice cozy place with dim lighting and the environment was just you were like in a very very comfortable and relaxing place where you can have a nice chit chat or meeting no matter in what kind of business. So, my business was having a nice talk with my dear.

Now I’m going to tell you my experience once I walk in to Mosaic.
At first, I can’t believe that I walk into Mosaic because this is the first time. Likewise, every time when people pass by they will have in mind that ‘Wow this must be serving expensive meals’.

So, when I sat at the seats that we chose I straight away browse on the menu. It’s… quite expensive but we are not planning on eating and we are interested for the desserts. My dear Kero and I love cakes and ice creams. Without looking at the price, we just walk to the ice cream corner and they let us try on any kinds what we wanted to. Then finally we decided to take Green Tea, Peppermint with Chocolate Chips and Vanilla with Cookie! Other than that, we ordered Brownie as well.
Kero and I specially love the Green Tea because it seems like Mosaic really uses original taste of the green tea to make its Green Tea ice cream. The only thing that we don’t like is the Brownie. It’s quite hard.

Enjoy the pictures! Xoxo.
By the way I forgot to include this. We just pay the bills for below RM20! Cheap? Shocked?!
You just have to see this!

Picture Below: The external and internal view of Mosaic

Picture Below: This is the view from the inside

Picture Below: The Menu and the Brownie with orchids with a glass of water

Picture Below: Everything that we ordered
Picture Below: Brownie
Picture Below: Green Tea with Vanilla Cookie
Picture Below: Peppermint with Chocolate chips

Picture Below: Film of us both
Picture Below: Eating Pictures of us
Picture Below: We both love this lamp. Specially it's design of the 'sun'.

Picture Below: The 'sun' design

Picture Below: After we out from Mosaic (Middle). Hyatt toilet (Left and Right).

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Going out to Mosaic

I’m going out with my babe. my kero. my dear. my love one. my lao gong bah.
Hey! Just one person okay? Lols

The place we are going to is under the management of Hyatt Regency,
Mosaic is located alongside the same building of Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
I just have to say this in more detail in the next post after I come back from there.
So stay tune.

Picture Below: External View of Mosaic

Well, we knew each other since we are in our secondary school which is called the All Saints High School. We have this same dream when we are in All Saints High School and we are in the same class until Form 4 then we separated from the school to different classes but we are still hot. Our heart and mind sticks together and it’s like forever! Then there are things come between us during the 4th and 5th. And more…

Then stops.

In class we normally do all the talking and not books.
Talking about what’s in vogue, … gossip girls.
But we learnt lots from each other and it’s not only two of us.

After few years for my days in Kuala Lumpur,
Yes, Kero and I still stay the same.

And that is how friendships meant.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bus Stop Pizza!

Let’s go bus stop and have a piece of pizza!

Do you want to have a piece of pizza while you waiting for a bus?
Of course right?
We have Bus Stop Pizza at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

The Bus Stop Pizza in Kota Kinabalu is located at the town just opposite the Merdeka Shopping Mall.


It’s not selling in the bus stop. It’s a shop. Haha!

Not bad.

There are many different taste and choices of pizza that we can choose.
Which is your favourite flavor?
Well, Meatball bought me the one with Green Pepper and Beef! It cost RM7+

The shop is small but it’s quite convenient to reach that place.
Parking a little hard but walking is not a problem.
From that area, you can easily walk to many restaurants!
Don’t worry… I will post about the other restaurants!