Wednesday, 16 September 2009


What happened in last two weeks

Hello everybody again!

I’m so so sorry for the two weeks late updates!

Today is our Sabah holiday! For independence! Haha! That’s why I put away all my works and blog! I miss you guys!! I want to talk to you guys!! I want to read your blogs! Your post!!

I have been extremely busy with the college for a campaign to be elected as the 15th Intima of Inti College Sabah. Well, it’s really a new thing for me for all of these years. Plus, in my previous Tar College, I’m just nothing to it and just a normal college student who goes to the college like everyday. Eat, drink, play, swimming, study, talk, sleep and those basic stuffs, nothing else more. But in Inti College Sabah, I told myself that I have to change myself into someone better than in Tar College. And I hope I did!

Life is tough. Really.

You have to face lots and lots of problems and people that come and go in life.

So this is what I wanted to share.

This campaign is for the INTIMA election.

What is INTIMA?

Intima is a student council who hears and helps when we heard the voice of student.

We try to change the school as to let the student satisfied, and so on.

So in this election, we are to let the whole student in the college to vote for us.

There are two groups competing and we need to use any promotional tools as to make them vote for us.

As for my group, I designed a bookmark as to distribute to all of the students who passed our booth. The bookmark is useful for some of the students. You see, in it there is an empty time table for students to fill in their time table and with our member’s contacts with pictures as well. Other than that, my other members designed the banner for our booth. It is nicely decorated with details. The words that they created are really inspiring for me. I love it especially for the words with lots and lots of colours. You guys knew that I love colourful words right as you can see it in my blog. Haha. Then, my other members created posters to stick around the schools as to get students to notice us. Others may have brainstorms in what we gonna do next and so on.

Anyway, all of the members during the election week are helpful. I could say teamwork really really important and all my members did that! I really appreciate in everything we do.

Guess what?


I hope we can make better future la. Lol

But now, I tell you what happen during the election!

This is the first week of election where we open our booth.

Plus, Digi is selling their product as well on the same day.

So it’s like we have additional attraction! With music and balloons all from Digi.

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