Tuesday, 18 January 2011

GRAZIE Italian Restaurant

There are getting more and more restaurant now in Kota Kinabalu and for this Italian Restaurant is located at Wawasan Plaza called Grazie.

Its a little place and good for chilling’ and hanging out with friends and family.
The owner of Grazie is also the chef with his own recipe. Plus, great atmosphere dining at the Terrace and that feels so good!

If you really want a quite place, Grazie is it. Romantica!

“These ‘heart healthy’ menu items are selected because they are exclusively prepared using the finest quality Extra Virgin Olive oil where they're naturally contain the lowest levels of saturated fat and supply a lean source of protein.” – GRAZIE Italian Restaurant

Here are some of the dishes that we ordered. Other than the ones that I show now, there are other authentic Italian food from appetizers, pizzas, pastas, main course dishes and Italian desserts. Plus fresh Italian brews coffee & few selections of Italian wines.

 Picture Below: Italian Breads served once we seated. The bread is so soft! Nice
Picture Below: Penne Pasta! Very light and tasty.
 Picture Below: Pizza. Not oily and they are using Extra Virgin Oil for their dishes. Healthy!
Picture Below: Sorry I forgotten what's the name for this. Hehe. Cheers!
Picture Below: HOT Chocolate Pudding. Is a MUST try.
Picture Below: Tiramisu. It's soooooo soft and it melts in my mouth!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hair show by Inspiration Alan Saloon & Academy on Miss Borneo Beautiful Finals

I have been told to post this activity that I did on November.
So sorry that I didn’t have time to update what’s going on that month.
I hope it’s not too late and this is it!

“It’s such a great experience to do new stuffs! Well, I’m always like to find new things and learn new stuffs in life.” - Chloe

I must say, this is my first time to do a runway and it’s a hair show by Inspiration Alan Saloon & Academy on 10th November 2010. It is also the final night for Miss Borneo Beautiful 2010. Before this and after my pageant competition, immediately I have been invited to be a makeup model and others (I’ll tell you about it later yea).

On that night for our very own television company TV3 recorded the whole programme. It’s massive! Everybody from Inspiration Alan Saloon and Academy is nice. They taught us how to walk, how should we pose, and they were with us whole day through the rehearsals. Plus, they put lots of efforts in their shows. Most of all, they are really funny and friendly!

What healthy means to you?

Well, I just go through with a health test created by Nestle. Click here
For me, I think it is really good to get concern on our health for our future. Health is important.

Take less fast food, drink more water.
Like what I do always, yogurt and walking are my important sources to be healthy!
Never be afraid to eat healthy because health foods are not boring. Just that you need to make your meals interesting! I do put strawberries on my bread (cut it to love shapes) just to feel delighted! Or even for my yogurt, I do put raisins. It’s healthy!

As I was doing the test, some of the questions really under my expectation and somehow I’m happy that I am good in health!

Maybe you should try to take the test as well.
See my result! Haha!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Is everyone loves Chili’s or it’s just me?

Basically, it’s my first time to dine in Chili’s. During my years studying in Kuala Lumpur, nope I have not tried Chili’s yet.

This happened in KLCC PETRONAS Twin Tower.
We have to wait for 20 minutes to get a seat. Once we are in Chili’s, wow. I mean, I love this place because of the environment. My cousin and I were imagining ourselves experiencing ‘Diner Dash’ in real life! Told ya, it’s really my first time.

Caucasians are all around and some handsome dude gives a smile as well. Aww. Lovely.
All dishes are quite in a very big portion and we ordered few to share.

Picture Below: Lamb Shank
Picture Below: Mushroom Soup
Picture Below: Salad