Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Hair show by Inspiration Alan Saloon & Academy on Miss Borneo Beautiful Finals

I have been told to post this activity that I did on November.
So sorry that I didn’t have time to update what’s going on that month.
I hope it’s not too late and this is it!

“It’s such a great experience to do new stuffs! Well, I’m always like to find new things and learn new stuffs in life.” - Chloe

I must say, this is my first time to do a runway and it’s a hair show by Inspiration Alan Saloon & Academy on 10th November 2010. It is also the final night for Miss Borneo Beautiful 2010. Before this and after my pageant competition, immediately I have been invited to be a makeup model and others (I’ll tell you about it later yea).

On that night for our very own television company TV3 recorded the whole programme. It’s massive! Everybody from Inspiration Alan Saloon and Academy is nice. They taught us how to walk, how should we pose, and they were with us whole day through the rehearsals. Plus, they put lots of efforts in their shows. Most of all, they are really funny and friendly!

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