Tuesday, 18 January 2011


GRAZIE Italian Restaurant

There are getting more and more restaurant now in Kota Kinabalu and for this Italian Restaurant is located at Wawasan Plaza called Grazie.

Its a little place and good for chilling’ and hanging out with friends and family.
The owner of Grazie is also the chef with his own recipe. Plus, great atmosphere dining at the Terrace and that feels so good!

If you really want a quite place, Grazie is it. Romantica!

“These ‘heart healthy’ menu items are selected because they are exclusively prepared using the finest quality Extra Virgin Olive oil where they're naturally contain the lowest levels of saturated fat and supply a lean source of protein.” – GRAZIE Italian Restaurant

Here are some of the dishes that we ordered. Other than the ones that I show now, there are other authentic Italian food from appetizers, pizzas, pastas, main course dishes and Italian desserts. Plus fresh Italian brews coffee & few selections of Italian wines.

 Picture Below: Italian Breads served once we seated. The bread is so soft! Nice
Picture Below: Penne Pasta! Very light and tasty.
 Picture Below: Pizza. Not oily and they are using Extra Virgin Oil for their dishes. Healthy!
Picture Below: Sorry I forgotten what's the name for this. Hehe. Cheers!
Picture Below: HOT Chocolate Pudding. Is a MUST try.
Picture Below: Tiramisu. It's soooooo soft and it melts in my mouth!

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