Tuesday, 4 January 2011



Is everyone loves Chili’s or it’s just me?

Basically, it’s my first time to dine in Chili’s. During my years studying in Kuala Lumpur, nope I have not tried Chili’s yet.

This happened in KLCC PETRONAS Twin Tower.
We have to wait for 20 minutes to get a seat. Once we are in Chili’s, wow. I mean, I love this place because of the environment. My cousin and I were imagining ourselves experiencing ‘Diner Dash’ in real life! Told ya, it’s really my first time.

Caucasians are all around and some handsome dude gives a smile as well. Aww. Lovely.
All dishes are quite in a very big portion and we ordered few to share.

Picture Below: Lamb Shank
Picture Below: Mushroom Soup
Picture Below: Salad
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