Saturday, 28 June 2008


Yesterday went to the movie and watched "Wanted" with Aldrich. What a Nice movie we spent for the night!

The bullet actually turn to the side and meet the target.
" I want you to curve the bullet!"
OMG.. I love this movie.
I wish I can be Assassin lol.
Everyone in this movie are clever and well planned.
To cheat, To train, To kill, To live.
When Wesley was training in Fraternity, is soooo disgusting. I keep close my eyes when the Butcher try to cut Wesley. There's a reason why Wesley joined Fraternity which he thought there's a man named (Forgotten the name.. lol) killed his father but in the end there's a twist in this movie.
I'm not gonna say much here and that's why you have to watch it yourself!! Haha!
Oh ya I love the last part where Wesley use rats as a movalbe boom!
Well, here I found a website where you can play and shoot the target. Just like having light training. It's kinda Fun! You can even read the stories and more.

My Emo Buddy

Friday, 27 June 2008

Caren Birthday!

My dear Birthday leh~
Happy birthday buddy!
I hope you love my present. I bought that because i think it will be very useful for you to put your accessories!

Because you every say you wanna change the style of your room right? So this is the beginning way to change de lo. Haha. To motivate you bah!

Love you always!


Reunion in Sudden

"Love is fed by the imagination, by which we become wiser than we know, better than we feel, nobler than we are; by which we can see life as a whole: by which and which alone, we can understand others in their real as in their ideal relations."

It happened while Aldrich and I was having a walk in City Mall.
We went into the Yogur Berry and ordered.

Afterthat, when I was trying to find a place to sit..
I heard whispers.. Chloe's there.. issit?
Then I turned to my left and oh God!
So many of them was sitting and looking at us.

Once I saw them, they make me thought back of our schooling life in All Saints. Where we played the Violin, talking to each other, tells stories about each of them. Ahh.. life is good!

Thank you my Baby for helping took this picture! Love you!

I miss you all girls my pals!
Adeline was not in this picture.
Where is she ah?

Big Apple Donuts and Coffee

Yeah.. That's why we blog right?
Every hour, every minutes, or every seconds of us, we will find somethings to blog. Snap pictures in our surrounding area, about what we do.

That day went to Big Apple Donuts and Coffee.
Went there and find Jenette's friend to reinstall The Sims 2.
Picture Below: The Sause - Green tea and Chocolate

Picture Below: Sause- White Chocolate, Chocolate and Coffee

Picture Below: Me eating the Almond Donut. Tasty!

Picture Below: Jenette and Her Friend

Picture Below: Caramel Latte

Picture Below: Me.

What you wanna eat, Just go for it!
Enjoy your life and treat yourself good!
Fill your tummy up, up, up!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Kittens Miaos

Cute kittens for sale!!

Saw this kittens after my Pilate class when Jenette gonna buy dog food from the Pets Shop.

You know how exactly is the price of one kitten here? RM2k for one! How I'm gonna buy that. So Sad.
Hmm.. but good thing is it is not just a cat but is American Kitten.
Now here's a video of them and pictures of their mother and father.

The Video

Picture below: The Father
Picture Below: Father Cat - Big Fat Gaintic One

Picture Below: Mother Cat

Picture Below: Mother Cat Smile ^^ Picture of the Mother Cat Picture Below: Father Cat

Lunch Time

Do you miss Papa's lamb chop Sis?
Today we have it for lunch~
Juicy Steak with Sause
Red Beans, your favourite patata, and soup!
Yummy and BURPPSSSsss... Ops excuse me!

I love Lamb Chop!!


This is the game that I played.
Is been a while I play this and now not so addicted to it.
Well cause normally I will play till morning without any sleep but now I think I getting old to play. haha.

This game is all about dancing and will have 4-key and 8-key. It can be played in all modes that provided in the game like Dance Battle 4, Battle Party, Night, Club Dance, Couple Dance, Beat Up, and so on. I love the Beat Up most cause can earn many dens there.

Other than that, all member of Audition can find a couple in this online game!

ftff! You are here brother!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

A seashell

What you think about this pictures?
Seems like a Seashell but it's actually a Pan cake.
Bought it as my lunch at that time when accompany Jenette to buy her contact lenses.
Normally this food only add-on nuts.
But this time, I found out that they actually adding on eggs, chicken floss, raisins and so on. Maybe it only available in my hometown. Probably I never seen one in Kuala Lumpur.

So i bought the one which add-on nuts and egg.
Hmm.. Yummy!

I guess you miss this!

Hey my pretty sister.
Guess you must be missing this one.
Which you take your attendance in this place together with monkey!
So you now only can see but can't drink it until you come back.
The place miss you. Lol. Yoyo~


Friday, 20 June 2008

Sushi King

Having a delicious dinner in a Japanese Restaurant named Sushi King.
Newly opened in One Borneo.
Oh yea.. One Borneo is a new shopping mall in East Malaysia.
The prices are reasonable in this restaurant ( Salmon not expensive here!! ).
Whole place was full packed.


P.S : Can you see how big is the egg above the rice?

Dead Bird's Body

Yesterday I saw a dead bird.
As I was walking to my car,
Then I just realise is a dead bird.
I thought it was a dead Rat.

Euu.. What a bird.
Is a Dove. Headless Dove.

Thursday, 12 June 2008


Things are getting weird and weird.
Should be saying that
" The world is getting more and more weird ".
There are many things happening around me
I just don't wanna talk about some issues first.

There is something that I really don't understand.
Somethings about L.O.V.E.
Why others can be happy and live happily ever after all those fairy tale stories bla bla stories but why I'm suffering this kind of relationship? I'm writting this now to let the whole world know what I'm thinking and ESPECIALLY to let you know that i'm really getting more and more frustrated of how you treating me! I really can't stand it! Cause it smell SUCKS!!!

I have been told you about this many times. I think I should not mention it in "times" but "years". Starting from the very first day or could be say the "first part" you love me. But it's ok that you left me back in those days and come back to have the "second part". In condition that I added
" Please do care me always ".

Can you think back a little bit that why you ask me for another chance again?

Everyday when it comes quarrel, you would say
" Sorry ", " Sorry " and " Sorry ".

Does this word make you vomit sometimes people?
When there's promises that had been made and yet today you get your forgiveness but yet tomorrow you start it all over again.
If you do change or learn from your mistake, Helloooo..? There is no thousands of sorrys but just a little.
I admit that I'm getting vomit to hear those " Sorry ".

I tell you the truth now.
You never learn from mistake when you never regret!

For example, If there is another girl in this kind of relationship, I think she had gone for years already. Not to stay in this relationship. What kind of relationship is this and what's the benefit of it?

When you having your examination, I think for you that never get anything to make you worry or anything but you making some problems during my examinations! Did you ever think for the sack of mine? There's only me who think for this relationship. How to make you happy, how to make this relationship grow, how to keep this relationship, bla bla bla.

People started to ask me,
" Did A ever thanks God for having you? "
I thanks God for having you but you don't.

You know, when someone called you but yet you did not pick up the f*call, people get angry and just wanted to smack the phone cause you don't even appreciate the people that love you!

You don't even tell your parents that we are in a relationship over the 5 years. What am I to you? A dummy that tie on those unlikely strings? You even hide it among your friends and your brothers and sister! How can you be someones brother?

This is not the first time I type these kind of things in Blog.
In my previous blog in friendster there's one before. Don't even try to forget it! Your best friend Steven also read it and that's why we can solve the problem.
If it wasn't Steven, can you really understand my feelings that time?

Now what you said to me, I think is all Shits!

Mum asked me how are you? I will never say "Not Okay" or "having problems" cause I don't want to mention it to her or making her worried or anything.

Do you understand me actually?
I use to be a happy and out going girl but because of you I had become mroe and more quite. Cause you make me SICK OF LIFE!

Sisters of mine, please don't mention too.
Very fan!
We'll see

Monday, 9 June 2008

Queen Elizabeth I

Can't actually believe that I'm into the stories of Queen Elizabeth I this few days.
Maybe I should recommend for those people who loves stories about the Virgin Queen.
The website I found and it is newly updated! So, do have some time to understand and find out.

There's some quizzes inside the web and some myth about the Queen.

Now then I understand why there's "ER".
Yes, E is for The Queen's name Elizabeth but what about the "R"?
It was actually carried the meaning of the queen too in Latin word, "Regina".

Sunday, 8 June 2008

GoodBye Malaysia, Hello UK !

My sister waiting for her flight right now 12:33am in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Her flight will be at 2am but actually before this was 1:30am, delayed.

Mum and Dad went to Kuala Lumpur to send her flight. Don't know whether have they cried or not but I think... I don't even dare to think about it. Well, is not the first time Dad and Mum sent daughter's flight tho. Perhaps cried in their hearts.

We sent Mum, Dad and Sister around 8am in the morning and quite a lot of people are in the airport checkin' in. Luckily there is no fee charges on the over weight luggage. While waiting to check in, Mum asked me to accompany her to buy some seafood to her friend over Kuala Lumpur who have been a helpful hand. He always help us everytime whenever we needed help. Get back to topic, Mum was buying things with Dad and I'm doing nothing. So took some pictures of the Aquarium showing " The Different Kind of Brains " and I bought her favourites, Famous Amos and Lolipop and supprised her!

She's going to sit on the plane for 22hours. Sure she need those cookies.

" Be safe in your journey. Eat the useful Famous Amos! *Muaks* ", 7pm I sms her
" Ok. Thank U my sister. Don't be naughty. ", She replied
" Won't be naughty la. No worries. Arrived UK be brave and independent. "

Well, It's the first time she say my sister.. Cause mostly we called each other by names. Lol.

Now already 1:16am la..
Think she's on the plane boarding now.
Guess sitting on a plane for 22hours is kinda..
But at least she will stops at Dubai.

Gonna miss you lots !

"The Different Kind of Brain..