Thursday, 12 June 2008



Things are getting weird and weird.
Should be saying that
" The world is getting more and more weird ".
There are many things happening around me
I just don't wanna talk about some issues first.

There is something that I really don't understand.
Somethings about L.O.V.E.
Why others can be happy and live happily ever after all those fairy tale stories bla bla stories but why I'm suffering this kind of relationship? I'm writting this now to let the whole world know what I'm thinking and ESPECIALLY to let you know that i'm really getting more and more frustrated of how you treating me! I really can't stand it! Cause it smell SUCKS!!!

I have been told you about this many times. I think I should not mention it in "times" but "years". Starting from the very first day or could be say the "first part" you love me. But it's ok that you left me back in those days and come back to have the "second part". In condition that I added
" Please do care me always ".

Can you think back a little bit that why you ask me for another chance again?

Everyday when it comes quarrel, you would say
" Sorry ", " Sorry " and " Sorry ".

Does this word make you vomit sometimes people?
When there's promises that had been made and yet today you get your forgiveness but yet tomorrow you start it all over again.
If you do change or learn from your mistake, Helloooo..? There is no thousands of sorrys but just a little.
I admit that I'm getting vomit to hear those " Sorry ".

I tell you the truth now.
You never learn from mistake when you never regret!

For example, If there is another girl in this kind of relationship, I think she had gone for years already. Not to stay in this relationship. What kind of relationship is this and what's the benefit of it?

When you having your examination, I think for you that never get anything to make you worry or anything but you making some problems during my examinations! Did you ever think for the sack of mine? There's only me who think for this relationship. How to make you happy, how to make this relationship grow, how to keep this relationship, bla bla bla.

People started to ask me,
" Did A ever thanks God for having you? "
I thanks God for having you but you don't.

You know, when someone called you but yet you did not pick up the f*call, people get angry and just wanted to smack the phone cause you don't even appreciate the people that love you!

You don't even tell your parents that we are in a relationship over the 5 years. What am I to you? A dummy that tie on those unlikely strings? You even hide it among your friends and your brothers and sister! How can you be someones brother?

This is not the first time I type these kind of things in Blog.
In my previous blog in friendster there's one before. Don't even try to forget it! Your best friend Steven also read it and that's why we can solve the problem.
If it wasn't Steven, can you really understand my feelings that time?

Now what you said to me, I think is all Shits!

Mum asked me how are you? I will never say "Not Okay" or "having problems" cause I don't want to mention it to her or making her worried or anything.

Do you understand me actually?
I use to be a happy and out going girl but because of you I had become mroe and more quite. Cause you make me SICK OF LIFE!

Sisters of mine, please don't mention too.
Very fan!
We'll see
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