Saturday, 28 June 2008



Yesterday went to the movie and watched "Wanted" with Aldrich. What a Nice movie we spent for the night!

The bullet actually turn to the side and meet the target.
" I want you to curve the bullet!"
OMG.. I love this movie.
I wish I can be Assassin lol.
Everyone in this movie are clever and well planned.
To cheat, To train, To kill, To live.
When Wesley was training in Fraternity, is soooo disgusting. I keep close my eyes when the Butcher try to cut Wesley. There's a reason why Wesley joined Fraternity which he thought there's a man named (Forgotten the name.. lol) killed his father but in the end there's a twist in this movie.
I'm not gonna say much here and that's why you have to watch it yourself!! Haha!
Oh ya I love the last part where Wesley use rats as a movalbe boom!
Well, here I found a website where you can play and shoot the target. Just like having light training. It's kinda Fun! You can even read the stories and more.
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