Tuesday, 1 July 2008


What a tiring day!

Busy of Assignments ! ! !

After presenting our work to Miss Rovena, she's not so happy about the overall of how the students presented. Well, is good that she let us know so that we could be improve ourselves.

Can't believe Jenette put our old picture when we are still young to the slide but that's a good and creative idea. I love it too! By the way, this picture had made Miss Rovena to have a smile. After all she's not that angry cause before the class doing the presentation, nobody bothered to take the LCD and the notebook and made her to wait in the office since morning.

Picture Below: Jenette and I when we are young
Guess we have to find more materials for the present assignment now Jenette!

Learning how to make Ratatouille for now..

Here are the websites that helps! CLICK HERE

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