Sunday, 13 July 2008


For You..

I know I may be young to say this among you all.
That is why I only have the right to write but not to talk.
I watch you all without saying a word to it.
But here..

" Everyday I see,
When I wake up,
All that I see was black,
Faces that are angry, sad and upset.

Everyday I listen,
When I sit down,
All that I listen was shouting,
Attitude that are ignoring, pushing, and disagreement.

Everyday I walk,
When I pass you,
All that I feel was strange,
Feelings that are lying, ... "

Nobody is perfect.
You see, we all make mistakes.
Just that when we realise that we are wrong,
We will try our best to learn from the mistakes not to make it worst.
People giving us lots of chances to change good and not bad.
Remember why Jesus Christ sacrifice Himself on the Cross?

The fuel of petrol had increase, you have to think of the money that will be used in transportation. Don't only demand people but think before you act please. How are we gonna save more money when we are spending lots of expenses?

She didn't talk much doesn't mean that she is okay with all the things. She knew every steps of us. Just because of her silents, she is crying in it. Do you know that she is suffering, worrying, and praying?

As for you, because of your previous act you brought it along the way. How you gonna change it you have to think for yourself.

Shouting is not a solution.. but discuss with each other politely as you are what you are.

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