Saturday, 26 July 2008


Goodbye Malaysia Hello London!

JACKSON My best and closest boy de friend haha left Malaysia on the 19 July 2008.

Post this late lol.. So so late.

He is so excited to go to the new place.
Buying stuff having shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur, packing stuffs until the luggage over-weight, he even help me install and upgrade my lappy before he go. Now he was having a great time in London.. cooking, sight seeing, searching for part time..
Hmm.. Oh ya!
I bought this to him before he go and I Surprised him!

He didn't and NEVER realise that I put the present on my seat when we are off the car to my house. All the way home, I was thinking of where to hide the present but can't.. So decided to put on the seat.

Before that, I was carrying the present in my bag to movie with him. Lol.
Haven't really find a place to hide actually.
Then after that we straight to home.
Suddenly he forgot the external hard disc.. OMG.
I can't let him take that if not he'll see the present.
So I say
"Haiya.. U forgot the external hard disc oh (walking fast to car)"

Lucky Lucky
Then he help me install software till 3am.. haha.
I slept by sitting on the chair in study room and
he said that "Yer.. U slept like an old granny".
Really miss those days!
Even in All Saints!
Where we always shout and beat each other.
Just like wanna kill each other.
Hide all places.
Yeah.. he loves to escape class.
The very last event you bring me.. (Candid Pic)
Le Meridien - Bridal Fair
The very last movie we watch -
Journey to the centre of the earth
We went to the GSC in city and Cinema 3 which we have to walk the stairs. Real Scary. Holding Tight!! *Praying Praying*..

The very Last Fat Food we eat together..
Lasagna in Secret Recipe
Ahh.. suddenly something come to my mind.
I miss the Foreign money you gave me!!
So unlucky that I lost my Purse.. urgh!
Save some Pounds for me!! Lol

I miss You!!


jack said...

thank you soooooooooo muchhhhhhyy~!

♫╬ Chloe Aldrich ╬♪ said...

No Thaannnkkkss!!!!!
hahhahaha! I really miss you la!!
Come back with presents for me! Yeah!