Saturday, 12 July 2008


A day in 1 Borneo

Yes, had a walk in One Borneo with Aldrich.
It was his first time to One Borneo.
Along the way to there, all he was saying that
" So far oh.. where it is? "
Of course it was far cause you fetch me from Putatan yesterday. Ha ha.

At first he said that One Borneo is kinda small and ugly but then when we went in and walk then he say it's big. But it's true that the external view of the building is not yet.. beautiful? They don't even finish the painting yet. We can see the materials and the quality of the building tho..

Actually I didn't like much about the Yellow thingy outside. It shows like they are promoting Digi advertisement. LoL. And of course the traffic area is so disorganised which everyone need to drive so far to get a U-Turn and back to home. Shouldn't they open a road near to the One Borneo just like how they did to City Mall? Add-ons that the parking area up there is still in construction. Not even light install there yet. People are to walk in the dark.

Back to stories~

We went for movies there and the seats are more comfortable to compared to others Cinema that we have here. Too bad we didn't bought pop corns and 1901 hot dogs or else it will be prefect!

So, let me recall of what we watched yesterday? War of The Dragon! It was base in a Korean ancient stories that brought back in current life of two person. Over 500 years they waited. The snake in the movie is HUGE and FAST!

Well My baby, I really had a great time yesterday! Long time we didn't walk like that.. I Love you!

After all that, both of us walk around and we bought lots of food.

First, the Big Apple Donuts

Second, the Doreamon Pancake

Third, the Pizza which we fill in our tummy first.

Pictures will be updated in 3 hours later..

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