Thursday, 10 January 2008

Am I A Liar To You?

The things is, I'm a girl who don't talk much about what happen to me unless I do think it is neccesary to say it out to you all.
If something that I may not solve, yes i will ask for your all's ideas.
Not because I didn't tell you all, I'm a Liar and you cannot accuse me for being one.
I didn't go to work, should I annouce it to you all?
I don't think it is neccesary because this was my decision.

Now if you really want the truth, ok i say it now.

The truth is i cancel my job for selling the vines because i'm giving another burden to my mother and i have a fight with my mum. I don't wanna let my mum down because of this. I don't wanna say it out because of this. I had let my mum worried about me more because of the travelling of going to One Utama and maybe i may meet some dangerous. So I just don't want to let her worried much and don't wanna give her another burden because I love my mum and I want to protect her.

I really don't understand why you can accuse me to be a liar.
Issit that I should annouce it and make i'm not a liar?

I'm a girl who seldom talk sometimes doesn't mean that I'm a Liar.
You still don't know what a person I am?
I does love you all.
You all never feel the love from me, it's ok.
Maybe I'm not belong to you all.

If you do treat me as a friend, I don't think friends will backstab each others.
So am I your friend? I don't know. Only you are the person who knew it.
Nobody will know because the answer is in you, yourself, not anyone. You.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Irresponsible Housemates? or Friends?

Guys and Girls listen here

Actually I really don't know how to say it here.

I ask you all.. If you were me what would you do?

Here's the stories goes...

9 people in the house, 6 of them are girls and 3 of them are guys.
2 of the girls and 1 of the guy already inform 2 months before the day they wanna to move out.
Now there are 2 more GUYS wanna move out without telling us.
1 Guy just inform us one week ago and did not tell us personally.
I just knew it through the other girls and the other Guy? We just knew it today.

Okay, now is the problem.
The GUYS found two indian guys to replace their master room.
Did they ever think about the girls behind?
They don't even tell us anything.
Never discuss with us about anything. OMG!

The guy who inform us one week before that he wanna to move (LOL)
Wanna hear something?
He dare to tell and talk to my mum on the phone that he promised he will take good care of me. Be a brother of mine.
He wanted to move..
I, as his 'sister' I also don't know about it.
The reason he wanted to move out was?
'I can't study in this house environment' and
'I can't do assignment. If i move to stay with my friends, it will be more easier'
You should know this before you move in to one house.
Yet, He is the leader of this house.
How can he go and JUST GO?

You all just wanted to go and never think about what we had promised to each other.
Friends? I don't think you all treat me as one now.
Yet you never think about the safety of the girls that who will be continue to stay in the same house.
You don't even know those people.
Will they smoke? Will they bring a bunch of friends home?
Will they drink and drunk? HELLO?????
You say we were racist? Then I should give you a question.
Will you let your girlfriend to stay with them? (If you got gf)
If you say yes, then you have to add on telling her that...
'This is how i prove my love to you'

I'm totally disappointed.

to be continue.....

Sunday, 6 January 2008

New Year.. Belated 01.01.08

Happy New Year!

Post this late.. Well.. New Year had come so a brand new you too!

So this time I am not able to celebrate new year with my family again. Thinking back the time when we were in a traffic at Sutera Habour and we are enjoying the horns of cars and fireworks. That was cool.

So this time in KL, I didn't enjoy much but I took some picture outside my balcony.

The half Twin Tower and The KL Tower