Thursday, 10 January 2008


Am I A Liar To You?

The things is, I'm a girl who don't talk much about what happen to me unless I do think it is neccesary to say it out to you all.
If something that I may not solve, yes i will ask for your all's ideas.
Not because I didn't tell you all, I'm a Liar and you cannot accuse me for being one.
I didn't go to work, should I annouce it to you all?
I don't think it is neccesary because this was my decision.

Now if you really want the truth, ok i say it now.

The truth is i cancel my job for selling the vines because i'm giving another burden to my mother and i have a fight with my mum. I don't wanna let my mum down because of this. I don't wanna say it out because of this. I had let my mum worried about me more because of the travelling of going to One Utama and maybe i may meet some dangerous. So I just don't want to let her worried much and don't wanna give her another burden because I love my mum and I want to protect her.

I really don't understand why you can accuse me to be a liar.
Issit that I should annouce it and make i'm not a liar?

I'm a girl who seldom talk sometimes doesn't mean that I'm a Liar.
You still don't know what a person I am?
I does love you all.
You all never feel the love from me, it's ok.
Maybe I'm not belong to you all.

If you do treat me as a friend, I don't think friends will backstab each others.
So am I your friend? I don't know. Only you are the person who knew it.
Nobody will know because the answer is in you, yourself, not anyone. You.
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