Thursday, 31 December 2009

Last day of 2009

When you drink Coffee Bean, you will realise that its contain more milk than Starbucks.
So, Coffee Bean or Starbucks better? It's kinda depend on individual taste. But I love both for sure.
If Coffee Bean, olala~ I love Hot Vanilla and Black Forest.
If Starbucks, olala~ I love Green Tea and Java Chip.
Well, you guys know what I love.. spend me then!

The last day of 2009, Aldrich and me want to get out from house and just spend sometime together. So, I just say that I wanna go to Coffee Bean because the next day, Aldrich will be going for holidays.

GODIVA Chocolatier

A present from my cousin.
It's really delicious and it's not that sweet.

Gosh, now I feel that I wanna eat chocolate for real.


How to make my own Chocolate?

Yums yums.
Guess what? It's NEW YEAR tomorrow!
So, I have decided to make chocolates for Aldrich. Well, it's quite easy to do.

Now listen.
I re-cook the chocolate which use to make cakes because thats the only BIG chocolate that I've found.
But before that I have to cut the really HARD chocolate into really thin pieces.
I have to melt the chocolate and I made two different flavour. One with milk, and another one is without milk. Therefore, the one with milk is more delicious but its harder then the one without milk!

So, did you see the raisins and some sunflower seeds and nuts?
That one I use it to decorate a 'Love' shape on the chocolate!
I have made the chocolates in different sizes and I used the shaper to make cookies as a support!
Brilliant idea?

Picture Below: This is how I do chocolate!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Mom's new toy.

It's a gift from Aunt Dolly!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

How to make bun?

I didn’t realize how HARD and how EXCITING to make bun!
Well, it’s not hard tho. Just need lots and lots of energy to make firm dough.

This time, Maria taught me again with all of her knowledge!
So, this is it!

1 egg
Half pack of Yeast
100 Water
30g Sugar
30g Butter
250g Flour

So first, combine Sugar, Butter, and Egg together.
Water and the Yeast mix together in a different bowl and stir it until fully combined.
Then, put in the flour and mix it all together.
You will feel that the dough is heavy at first after combined but then it will slowly become light!

Now it’s time to tell you how to make little bun!
Spread a little butter on the tray!
Then make little bun!
But after you form a little bun shape then don’t touch it for 15 minutes to make the yeast do its work.
Bake it for about 4 minutes.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Picture Below: To measure
Picture Below: The Yeast
Picture Below: The doug
Picture Below: The putting the buns to oven
Picture Below: Waiting.... Puuff!
Picture Below: Sardin Bun!

Yummy? Try it yourself!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Sushi King with Aldrich

Well, the title said so.
We went to Sushi King for a late dinner and Aldrich recommend me the fried egg which is the last picture.
Its quite delicious and I never taste this kind of food.

and you should try it!


Chicken Pie from Aldrich's Mom

It’s Christmas and look what I get from Aldrich’s mom?
Chicken pie!!

It’s actually the first time that she gave me a Chicken Pie and it’s delicious. Extremely!! Other than that, she gave me another pie which is the Apple Pie and she said that it’s better to eat it with ice cream. I tried and omgosh, I can’t say a word but just enjoy a spoonful of pie!

Thanks aunt for such wonderful pies!
On top of the pie, mash potato.
Fillings, mushrooms, chicken, and … haha

Well, I brought it to office and share with everybody. Heat, cut, and served.
Everybody love it! I’m so happy.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Enjoy the cake from Maria

Kundasang Trip just for the kids Part5

This time, Poring Hot Spring.
We had spent our half day in the afternoon to try out the Hot Spring Water.
The kids really enjoyed, but I only able to soak my foot.
But before that, see the pictures of the waterfalls and the location of Poring Hot Spring.

Kundasang Trip just for the kids Part 4

The Cottage Hotel is actually located quite near to one of the attraction in Sabah which is the Kundasang War Memorial.

So, we stopped by there at The Cottage Hotel just to have our lunch. Dishes are quite okay just that there are too many flies there which it is quite annoying but what to do? Cold places, more flies.

The kids love the environment which is cold. They manage to snap some pictures outside the restaurant and unbelievable that we saw a caterpillar!

Other than that, from here, we get a view of the villager’s house and farm as well.