Saturday, 5 December 2009


Celebrating birthday with Caren

Before that, Maria bought me an ice cream for present kekeke..

Now here it goes.

Caren and I decided to go out and I wanted to celebrate my birthday only she and me in the afternoon. Well, she fetches me up about 2pm and we head to Karamunsing. At first, I wanted to go Asia City because I wanted to get a present for my mom there since I have an idea what to buy for mom. I’ll tell you why I wanted to bought a present for my mom in the next post. Okay?

So, Caren told me that she wanted to go Karamunsing and buy a laptop. Yes, we went there and I change my plan to find present for my mom in Karamunsing as well. At first, my dear bought her laptop first which somehow ATTRACTS me to get one too but I didn’t of course. That’s a huge progress and money. Haha. Rigth dear? After that we went for late lunch. TOM YUM! It’s located in the second floor Karamunsing. It’s nice and delicious just like the one in Beverley Hills which called the ‘Janggut’ but this one is a little spicy and that’s why I like it.

By that time, in the middle of our lunch, Aldrich called me and he said he is coming back home! I will talk about this in the next post together with the reason that I bought mom present. So it will be under “The Reason...... and The Surprise.........”

Back to Caren and me, we had a short walk and found mom’s present and then I found my present too! Caren bought a dress for me and I love it so so much! Thank you my dear for this lovely present which will make me remember always. There are many choices at first…

...and this is the one we chose!
I choose this because suddenly, I felt Paris in it! OMG! I loveee to go Paris!
Yes!!! I'm good in imagining. I imagine that Ii'm walking on the street of Paris when I wear this on. haha!
Thank you my dear and I love you so much!
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